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Curious George (Jack Johnson And Friends) (Guitar)



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Bring Curious George home with you without having to worry about what adventures he may have! This matching folio to the popular monkey movie soundtrack features all 13 songs from the soundtrack by Jack Johnson, including Broken, Lullaby, The Sharing Song, Were Going to Be Friends, Upside Down, and more. Includes all ukulele parts from the original recording and black and white art from the film.


  • Broken [Johnson, Jack]
  • Jungle Gym [Dutton, Garrett]
  • Lullaby [Costa, Matt]
  • People Watching [Johnson, Jack]
  • Questions [Johnson, Jack]
  • Sharing Song [Gill, Zachary] [Topol, Adam]
  • Talk Of The Town [Johnson, Jack]
  • The 3 R's [Dorough, Bob] [Johnson, Jack]
  • Upside Down [Johnson, Jack]
  • We're Going To Be Friends [White, Jack]
  • With My Own Two Hands [Harper, Ben]
  • Wrong Turn [Johnson, Jack]

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