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The best tools are designed by the people who use them. Introducing Finale 2010 - the world standard in music notation software. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music that plays back with world-class sounds. Finale continues to lead the way, helping you reach perfection faster.

Get Going Quickly

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Setup Wizard instantly configures your score
  • Enter music your way: MIDI Keyboard, computer keyboard/mouse, you can also use MicNotator to play your instrument in, or scan existing sheet music
  • Band-In-A-Box auto harmonizing
  • Exercise Wizard - instantly generates practice pieces - for your entire band, orchestra or choir
  • Video support - import video plus send and display SMPTE

Share Your Music

Playback - here are just a few reasons why Finales sound is unsurpassed:

  • Record or import an audio track for unprecedented realism
  • More than 350 world-class Garritan instrument sounds
  • More than 100 sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline
  • Human Playback makes your music sound like musicians are playing it
  • Integrated Garritan Aria player.

  • Save audio files
  • Create SmartMusic accompaniments
  • More than 300 customizable and printable Music Education Worksheets
  • Free, downloadable Finale Reader lets your share your Finale files with anyone
  • Linked Parts
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX 10.4 and 10.5.

    Why is Finale the world standard? These exclusive features are not available in any other music notation software:

    • Record or import an audio track
    • Create SmartMusic accompaniments
    • Band-In-A-Box auto-harmonizing - automatically generates up to 6-voice harmonies for your melodies
    • Exercise wizard - instantly generates up to 50,000 practice pieces for your band, orchestra, or choir without entering a single note
    • Studio View - an all-in-one environment for multi-track music creation
    • Free, downloadable Finale Reader lets you share your Finale files with anyone who can then print, play, edit and save!
    • MicNotator lets you enter notes by playing your brass or woodwind instrument
    • Dont like manuals> Watch a quickstart video on your computer instead!

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