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The AudioPro Home Recording Course Volume 3



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The AudioPro Home Recording Course was created to familiarise musicians with the fundamentals of studio recording using explanations and examples that are easy to understand.
The text is complemented by hundreds of illustrations and two CDs containing information and audio examples.
Volume three covers: MIDI (basic training, quantising, mixing with MIDI, notation software, controllers, setting up your system): MIDI sequencing (constructing MIDI drum parts, creating bass, guitar and keyboard parts, combining MIDI and live recording): digital effects (hardware vs. software plugins, details of using each type of effect): digital recording (analogue vs. digital, recording and playback formats, digital audio file formats, storage and backup, MDMs and computer-based hard disk systems, choosing the right software, common terms demystified, random access editing): synchronising (MIDI to audio sync, MIDI to MIDI sync, analogue to analogue sync).

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