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Aebersold Vol. 26: The Scale Syllabus



A great way to learn the fundamental scales and chords of jazz

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A great way to learn the fundamental scales and chords of jazz. Covers major, minor, diminished, whole-tone, blues, pentatonics, half-diminished, lydian, phrygian, Hindu etc. Hear David Liebman (left channel) solo twice over every scale listed in the syllabus, first slow/simply, then fast/complex with accompaniment from Jamey Aebersold (right channel). Experience the unique flavour of each scale, then practise soloing with them. Book/2CDs, 25 pages.

Rhythm section: David Liebman (soprano sax): Jamey Aebersold (piano).


  • Bb Warm-Up Exercises
  • Bb Major
  • Bb Lydian
  • Bb Harmonic Minor
  • Bb Lydian Augmented
  • Bb Augmented
  • Bb Blues Scale & Major
  • Bb Major Pentatonic
  • Bb Major Turnaround
  • 8 Bars Each Major Scale, Ascend, Chrom
  • Bb7 Dominant 7th
  • Bb7+4 Lydian Dominant
  • Bb7 Hindu
  • Bb7 Whole Tone
  • Bb7b9 Dim. (Beg. w/Half Step)
  • Bb7b9 Dim.
  • Bb7+9 Dim. Whole Tone
  • Bb7+9 (Dim. W.T.) to Eb-Dorian Minor (2 Bars)
  • Bb Blues & Bb Dom. 7th
  • Bb7 Sus. 4
  • 8 Bars Each Dom. 7
  • Bb- Dorian
  • Bb- Melodic Minor
  • Bb Blues Over Bb Dorian
  • Bb Minor Pentatonic
  • Bb Harmonic
  • Bb Phrygian
  • Bb Major Phrygian
  • Bb Diminished
  • Bb Diminished Scale
  • Bb Pure Minor
  • 8 Bar Each Dorian
  • Bb Half Diminished
  • Bb #2 Locrian #2
  • B 7 Diminished Scale
  • 12-Bar Bb Blues
  • II/V7/I Progression

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