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Sullivan, Arthur - Ruddigore (vocal score) Gilbert and Sullivan




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Ruddigore is a dark and haunting tale of dastardly deeds and gruesome ghosts whose evil plans get scuppered by a troupe of bridesmaids, a roguish sailor and a little book of etiquette.


  • Fair Is Rose
  • Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
  • If Somebody There Chanced To Be
  • I Know A Youth
  • From The Briny Sea
  • I Shipp’d, D’ye See, In A Revenue Sloop
  • Hornpipe
  • My Boy, You May Take It From Me
  • The Battle’s Roar Is Over
  • If Well His Suit Has Sped
  • In Sailing O’er Life’s Ocean Wide
  • Cheerily Carols The Lark
  • Welcome, Gentry
  • Oh, Why Am I Moody And Sad?
  • You Understand? I Think I Do
  • Hail The Bride Of Seventeen Summers
  • When The Buds Are Blossoming
  • When I’m A Bad Bart, I Will Tell Taradiddles!
  • Oh, Happy The Lily
  • I Once Was As Meek
  • Happily Coupled Are We
  • In Bygone Days
  • Painted Emblems Of A Race
  • When The Night Wind Howls
  • He Yields, He Yields
  • For Thirty-Five Years I’ve Been Sober And Wary
  • Away, Remorse!
  • Henceforth All The Crimes
  • I Once Was A Very Abandoned Person
  • My Eyes Are Fully Open
  • Melodrame
  • There Grew A Little Flower.

Ruddigore (vocal score)

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