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The Songs of Flanders & Swann



Welcome to the wonderful, hilarious and evergreen Songs of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann. This definitive collection contains 41 great songs by these 20th Century geniuse.

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The British duo, Flanders and Swann, were the actor and singer Michael Flanders (1922-1975) and the composer, pianist and linguist Donald Swann (1923-1994) who collaborated in writing and performing comic songs. A chance meeting in 1948 led to a musical partnership writing songs and light opera that have been sung by performers such as Ian Wallace and Joyce Grenfell.

In December 1956, Flanders and Swann performed their own two-man revue \"At The Drop Of A Hat\", which opened on New Year's Eve. Over the course of 11 years, Flanders and Swann gave nearly 2,000 live performances. Although their performing partnership ended in 1967, they remained friends afterwards and collaborated on occasional projects.

This songbook brings together 41 classic songs and represents a definitive collection.

Full Contents:

  1. In The Bath
  2. Design For Living
  3. Misalliance
  4. The Gas-Man Cometh
  5. A Song Of The Weather
  6. Pillar To Post
  7. Rain On The Plage
  8. Motor Perpetuo
  9. Slow Train
  10. A Transport Of Delight (Omnibus)
  11. Last Of The Line
  12. Twenty Tons Of TNT
  13. The Reluctant Cannibal
  14. Pee-Po-Belly-Bum-Drawers
  15. Budget Song
  16. Ballad For The Rich
  17. All Gall
  18. Philological Waltz (Tonga)
  19. Song Of Patriotic Prejudice
  20. The Lord Chamberlain's Regulations
  21. The Album
  22. Ill Wind
  23. Guide To Britten
  24. Song Of Reproduction
  25. Bedstead Men
  26. Excelsior
  27. Vanessa
  28. Twice Shy
  29. Madeira, M'dear?
  30. The Armadillo
  31. The Hippopatamus
  32. The Ostrich
  33. The Elephant
  34. The Gnu
  35. The Rhinoceros
  36. The Sloth
  37. The Spider
  38. The Wild Boar
  39. The Whale (Mopy Dick)
  40. The Warthog
  41. The Wompom.


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