Bach J.S. - Concerto for Keyboard in D minor (BWV 1052a) (Urtext).



Orchestra - Piano (2) Reduction

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Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel    (1714-1788)

Harpsichord Concerto in D minor D minor BWV 1052a
after Johann Sebastian Bach. First Edition
Instrumentation: Harpsichord-solo, Strings

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* Johann Sebastian Bach

All eight concertos [BA 5224-BA 5231] are presented in piano
reductions with separate
orchestra parts. Not only is the piano reduction suitable for
conducting from the harpsichord,
it also enables the works to be played on two harpsichords.

All of Bach’s solo harpsichord concertos are now available with the
of the New Bach Edition.

Keyboard Con BWV 1052a Pno Red

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