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A collection of celebrated song hits and showstoppers for solo piano. Here you will find over 75 legendary jazz and blues standards, showtunes, rags, novelty numbers, and encores. Turn these pages to enjoy great musical moments of the cabaret, stage, and concert hall - or bring to life the jazz and blues clubs of days gone by. Explore the musical genius of Jermone Kern, Irving Berlin and George Gershwin - the dramatic power of George M. Cohan, W.C. Handy, Jelly Roll Morton, and John Philip Sousa - the elegant styles of Scott Joplin, Zez Confrey, James Scott, and Eubie Blake - and much, much more.


  • A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody [Berlin, Irving]
  • After Youve Gone [Layton, Turner] [Creamer, Henry]
  • Aint We Got Fun [Whiting, Richard A.]
  • Alexanders Ragtime Band [Berlin, Irving]
  • Alice Blue Gown [Tierney, Harry]
  • American Beauty Rag [Lamb, Joseph]
  • Beale Street Blues [Handy, W.C.]
  • Bill Bailey [Cannon, Hughie]
  • Bugle Call Rag [Blake, Eubie] [Morgan, Carey]
  • Cabbage Leaf Rag [Copeland, Les]
  • Carolina In The Morning [Kahn, Gus] [Donaldson, Walter]
  • Chopsticks [De Lulli, Arthur]
  • Ciribiribin [Pestalozza, Alberto]
  • Coaxing The Piano [Confrey, Zez]
  • Creole Eyes (Danse Cubaine) [Gottschalk, Louis Moreau]
  • Dallas Blues [Williams, Spencer]
  • Danny Boy
  • El Choclo [Villoldo, Angel G.]
  • Entry Of The Gladiators Op.68 [Fucik, Julius]
  • Estudiantina [Waldteufel, Emil]
  • Fizz Water [Blake, J Hubert]
  • Funeral March Of A Marionette [Gounod, Charles]
  • Give My Regards To Broadway [Cohan, George M.]
  • Golliwogs Cakewalk [Debussy, Claude]
  • Grace And Beauty [Scott, James]
  • Great Scott Rag [Scott, James]
  • Greenwich Witch [Confrey, Zez]
  • Havah Nagilah
  • Heliotrope Bouquet [Joplin, Scott] [Chauvin, Louis]
  • I Love A Piano [Berlin, Irving]
  • Ill Build A Stairway To Paradise [Gershwin, George]
  • Im Always Chasing Rainbows [Carroll, Harry]
  • Im Forever Blowing Bubbles [Kenbrovin, Jean] [Kellette, John William]
  • In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree [Alstyne, Egbert Van]
  • Jelly Roll Blues [Morton, Jelly Roll]
  • Kitten On The Keys [Confrey, Zez]
  • La Cumparsita [Rodriguez, G.H. Matos]
  • Limehouse Blues [Braham, Philip] [Furber, Douglas]
  • Look For The Silver Lining [Kern, Jerome]
  • Maple Leaf Rag [Joplin, Scott]
  • Minstrels [Debussy, Claude]
  • Moonlight Bay [Wenrich, Percy]
  • My Melancholy Baby [Burnett, Ernie] [Norton, George A.]
  • My Pet [Confrey, Zez]
  • Nola [Arndt, Felix]
  • Over The Waves [Rosas, Juventino]
  • Pastime Rag No. 3 [Matthews, Artie]
  • Play A Simple Melody [Berlin, Irving]
  • Pretty Baby [Alstyne, Egbert Van] [Jackson, Tony] [Kahn, Gustave]
  • Rialto Ripples [Gershwin, George]
  • Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody [Schwartz, Jean]
  • Semper Fidelis [Sousa, John Phillip]
  • Shine On Harvest Moon [Bayes, Nora] [Norworth, Jack]
  • Solace [Joplin, Scott]
  • Some Of These Days [Brooks, Shelton]
  • St. Louis Blues [Handy, W.C.]
  • Sunflower Slow Drag [Joplin, Scott] [Hayden, Scott]
  • Swipesy [Jopin, Scott] [Marshall, Arthur]
  • Tango [Albeniz, Isaac]
  • The Banjo [Gottschalk, Louis Moreau]
  • The Chevy Chase [Blake, James Hubert (Eubie)]
  • The Easy Winners [Joplin, Scott]
  • The Entertainer [Joplin, Scott]
  • The Golden Wedding [Gabriel Marie]
  • The Liberty Bell [Sousa, John Philip]
  • The Music Box Rag [Roberts, C Luckyth]
  • The Original Chicago Blues [White, James]
  • The Stars And Stripes Forever [Sousa, John Philip]
  • The Teddy Bears Picnic [Bratton, John W.] [Kennedy, James B.]
  • The Thunderer [Sousa, John Phillip]
  • The Washington Post [Sousa, John Phillip]
  • The Whistler And His Dog [Pryor, Arthur]
  • They Didnt Believe Me [Kern, Jerome]
  • Tiger Rag [La Rocca, D.J.]
  • Twelfth Street Rag [Bowman, Euday Louis]
  • Way Down Yonder In New Orleans [Creamer, Henry] [Layton, J. Turner]
  • You Made Me Love You [Monaco, James V.] [Mccarthy, Joseph]
  • You Tell Em Ivories [Confrey, Zez]

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