Vierne L. - Piano Works Vol. 3: The Last Works (1916-1922) (Urtext).



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Vierne, Louis    (1870-1937)

Complete Piano Works III: The last works (1916-1922)    
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Series: Sämtliche Klavierwerke, Band III
Instrumentation: Piano

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* n Louis Vierne is best-known as a famous organist and composer of organ music
Louis Vierne is best-known as a famous organist and composer of organ music. Less well-known, as it was not part of his public life but was to a large extent reserved for private circles, was the fact that he was also an outstanding pianist.
His piano works were praised by his contemporaries for their compositional refinement, fine sonority as well as frequent virtuosic passages and are on the same artistic level as his organ works.
The third volume of the chronologically arranged edition of Vierne’s works includes “Silhouettes d’enfants_”_ op. 43 in the tradition of 19th century children’s pieces and the major work of his later creative period, the four-movement cycle “Solitude_”_ op. 44. It also includes two pieces which only survive in manuscript form, published here for the first time.
- Urtext Edition of Louis Vierne’s “Complete Piano Works” in three volumes
- Critical edition based on all available sources
- Includes two previously unpublished works

Additional Information:

Louis Vierne - Biographische Übersicht
Jean-Pièrre Mazeirat:
Louis Vierne und das Klavier
Die Werke
Silhouettes denfants op. 43
[Pièce pour piano] op. 49
Brief an Jean Huré vom 10. April 1925
Poème des cloches funèbres op. 39 (Dezember 1916):
[1. Cloches dans le cauchemar (verschollenes Werk)]
2. Le Glas (Erstausgabe)
Silhouettes denfants op. 43 (Mai-Juni 1918):
1. Vale
2. Chanson
3. Divertissement
4. Barcarolle
5. Gavotte (dans le style ancien)
Solitude op. 44 (Juni-Juli 1918):
1. Hantise
2. Nuit blanche
3. Vision hallucinante
4. La ronde fantastique des revenants
[Pièce pour piano] op. 49 (August 1922) (Erstausgabe)
Kritischer Bericht:
I. Abkürzungen
II. Zur Editionstechnik
III. Quellen / Einzelnachweise

The Last Works for Piano

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