Wayward W. - Forgotten Creatures (24) Easy Pieces for Piano.



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Wayward, Wanda    (*1958)

Forgotten Creatures    
Easy Pieces for Piano
Instrumentation: Piano

Reviews of this publication:

* Marton, Anna

On an expedition through the animal kingdom, the young pupils become
acquainted with the
characteristics of such forgotten creatures as the Lobo, the
Hexaceps and many others,
all by means of brief and easy piano pieces.

Vivid drawings and brief stories helf bring these beings to life,
attracting the young players
to the music and also encouraging them to improvise.

This volume is light-hearted and pedagogically usefull addition to
the standard teaching

Additional Information:

Das Cerviserp
Der Lobo
Das Hexaceps
Der fliegende Wanda
Die Comafemura
Der Sollicitruncus
Das Florostrum
Die Cochleamigra
Das Globusali
Der Aviduradix
Der Para-Gata

Forgotten Creatures Piano

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