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Scarlatti, Domenico - 150 Sonatas Vol.1



Piano (Solo) - Urtext Edition

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Keyboard Sonatas Vol 1 Urtext

Sonata C major K 200; Sonata C major K 513
Sonata C major K 270; Sonata C major K 420
Sonata C major K 406; Sonata Cmin K 129
Sonata C min K 11; Sonata C min K 226
Sonata C# min K 247; Sonata D major K 118
Sonata D major K 430;Sonata D major K 397
Sonata D major K 278; Sonata D min K 213
Sonata D min K 434; Sonata D min K 9
Sonata Es-Dur K123; Sonata E major K 206
Sonata E major K 135; Sonata E min K 394
Sonata E min K 402; Sonata F major K 274
Sonata Fmajor K 446; Sonata F major K 518
Sonata F major K 106; Sonata F major K 78
Sonata F min K 69; Sonata F min K19
Sonata F# major K 318; Sonata F# min K 67
Sonata G major K 471; Sonata G major K 283
Sonata G major K 284; SonataG major K 412
Sonata G major K 259; Sonata G major K 63
Sonata G major K 375; Sonata G major K 235
Sonata G min K 4;Sonata G min K 426
Sonata G min K 8; Sonata A min K 429
Sonata A major K 499; Sonata A major K 268
Sonata A min K451; Sonata a-Moll K 149
Sonata B major K 70; Sonata B major K 544
Sonata H major K 245; Sonata H min K 87

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