Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F. - Variations for Piano (Op.54, Op.82, Op.83) (Urtext).



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Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix    (1809-1847)

Variations for Piano    
mit Fingersätzen von / with fingerings by M. Kirschnereit
Instrumentation: Piano

Reviews of this publication:

* - They were intended to be »serious«, the Variations op
They were intended to be “serious”, the Variations op. 54 which Felix Mendelssohn contributed to a benefit album in 1841 in aid of the Beethoven memorial in Bonn. The attribute refers less to the musical character of the work than the composer’s desire to write something quite different from the usual applause-seeking “Variations brillantes” of the period, through his particular compositional approach. And it is exactly this compositional skill which pianists, composers and music historians have ringing in their ears, when they describe Mendelssohn’s Variations serieuses op. 54 as one of the key works of the Romantic piano repertoire.
The Variations op. 54 gave the composer the impetus to study this music form in great depth. Following on directly from this work, Mendelssohn wrote the Variations in E-flat op. 82 and B-flat major op. 83, published posthumously. These are “lighter” works, both in tonal approach and also in their technical demands.
The edition brings together Mendelssohn’s three most important sets of variations for piano – opp. 54, 82 and 83. It offers the versions of the first editions and in addition, for the first time, the numerous variants which survive in different autograph manuscripts. This offers an insight into the genesis of creating the pieces and also opens a wide field of artistic discussion for the interpreter.
- Mendelssohn’s most important piano variations in a critical edition
- A comprehensive edition, taking all variants into consideration
- Fingerings by the noted Mendelssohn interpreter Matthias Kirschnereit

Additional Information:

Vorwort / Preface
17 Variations sérieuses op. 54
Andante und Variationen op. 82:
Fassung des Erstdrucks / Version from the First Edition (1850)
Fassung des Autographs / Version from the Autograph (1841)
[Erstausgabe / First Edition]
Andante und Variationen op. 83
Anhang: Frühere Fassungen und Entwürfe / Appendix: Earlier Versions
and Drafts [Erstausgabe / First Edition]:
I. Frühere Fassungen einzelner Variationen aus op. 54 / Earlier
Versions of Variations from op. 54:
Variation 1
Variation 16
Variation 17: a. Spätere Version / Later Version
Variation 17: b. Frühere Version / Earlier Version
Verworfene Variationen 10-14 / Rejected Variations 10-14
Verworfene Var. 16 / Rejected Var. 16
II. Autographer Entwurf zu op. 82 / Autograph Draft for op. 82
III. Studie zum Andante (Thema) aus op. 82 (Faksimile) / Study for
Andante (Theme) from op. 82 (Facsimile)
IV. Zwischenfassungen der Variationen 1 und 2 aus op. 82 /
Intermediate Versions of Variations 1 and 2 from op. 82
V. Ursprüngliche Schlüsse der Variation 5 aus op. 82 / Original
Endings of Variation 5 from op. 82
VI. Ursprüngliche Variationen 2 und 4 (Fragment) aus op. 83 / Original
Variations 2 and 4 (Fragment) from op. 83
Critical Commentary

Variations for Piano

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