Mozart W.A. - Complete Works for Piano Solo (Urtext).  Five volumes in slipcase. View larger

Mozart W.A. - Complete Works for Piano Solo (Urtext). Five volumes in slipcase.



Piano solo - Paperback edition

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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus    (1756-1791)

Complete Works for Piano solo    
Instrumentation: Piano

Reviews of this publication:

* Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This five-volume boxed edition of Mozart’s complete œuvre for piano
contain the definitive
Urtext from the “New Mozart Edition” in a well-presented large
format. For the first time,
everything written for solo piano by the man who was perhaps the
greatest genius in music
history will be presented in this unique special edition. All works
have been meticulously
checked to reflect the latest in musicological research.
Detailed prefaces in German and English provide information on the
genesis of the music and
details on its performance – an editorial coup and the buy of a

- Only Bärenreiter presents Mozart’s piano music with the definitive
Urtext from
the “New Mozart Edition”

- Special edition: five volumes in a slipcase

- Large, spacious format

- Bärenreiter Urtext at the forefront of international Mozart


Volume 1: Piano Sonatas I

Volume 2: Piano Sonatas II

Volume 3: Miscellaneous Works

Volume 4: Variations

Volume 5: Notebooks of Mozart and His Sister

Additional Information:

Sonate in C KV 279 (189d)
Sonate in F KV 280 (189e)
Sonate in B KV 281 (189f)
Sonate in Es KV 282 (189g)
Sonate in G KV 283 (189h)
Sonate in D KV 284 (205b)
Sonate in C KV 309 (284b)
Sonate in D KV 311 (284c)
Sonate in a KV 310 (300d)
Sonate in C KV 330 (300h)
Sonate in A KV 331 (300i)
Sonate in F KV 332 (300k)
Sonate in B KV 333 (315c)
Fantasie in c KV 475
Sonate in c KV 457
Sonate in F KV 533/KV 494
Sonate in C KV 545
Sonate in B KV 570
Sonate in D KV 576
Erstfassung des Rondos KV 494
Klavierstück in F KV 33 B
Modulierendes Präludium KV 624 (626a)
Präludium in C KV 284a
Präludium und Fuge in C KV 394
Suite: Ouverture, Allemande, Courante und Sarabande KV 399 (385i)
Fantasie in d KV 397 (385g)
Kleiner Trauermarsch in c KV 453a
Rondo in D KV 485
Rondo in a KV 511
Adagio in h KV 540
Gigue in G KV 574
Menuett in D KV 355
Fuge in g für Orgel KV 401 (375e)
Zwei kleine Fugen für Orgel KV 154a
Adagio in C für Glasharmonika KV 356 (617a)
Zwölf Menuette aus KV 103 (61d)
Menuett in C von Johann Michael Haydn KV 61g II
Menuett in D KV 94 (73h)
Elf Menuette aus KV 176
Kontretänze für Johann Rudolf Graf Czernin KV deest (KV 269b)
Acht Menuette KV 315a (315g)
Marsch in C KV 408/1 (383e/1: KV 383e)
Sechs deutsche Tänze KV 509
Kontretanz KV 534 (Das Donnerwetter)
Acht Variationen in G über das Lied Laat ons Juichen Batavieren!
von Christian Ernst Graaf KV 24 (= Anh. 208)
Sieben Variationen in D über das holländische Lied Willem van Nassau
KV 25
Sechs Variationen in G über Mio caro Adone aus dem Finale der Oper
La fiera di Venezia (Antonio Salieri) KV 180 (173c)
Zwölf Variationen in C über ein Menuett von Johann Christian Fischer
KV 179 (189a)
Zwölf Variationen in Es über die Romanze Je suis Lindor aus der
Komödie Le Barbier de Sevilla (Antoine-Laurent Baudron) KV 354
Zwölf Variationen in C über das frnzösische Lied Ah, vous dirai-je
Maman KV 265 (300e)
Zwölf Variationen in Es über das französische Lied La belle
Francoise KV 353 (300f)
Neun Variationen in C über die Ariette Lison dormait aus dem
Singspiel Julie (Nicolas Dezede) KV 264 (315d)
Acht Variations

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