Haydn F.J. - Easy Piano Pieces and Dances.



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Haydn, Joseph    (1732-1809)

Easy Piano Pieces and Dances    
17 Einzelstücke, Variationen und Sonaten
Urtext aus/from: Joseph Haydn Werke, G. Henle Verlag München
Instrumentation: Piano

Reviews of this publication:


This collection contains the most beautiful and technically easy of
Haydn´s piano pieces
and dances. These miniatures can be used to enliven piano
instruction and convey valuable
insight into the richness of the composers´ music.

„…a refreshing addition to the piano literature of any young
pianist. … This collection is
valuable teaching material and is an outstanding complement to the
development of
disciplined classical performance.“
(South African Music Teacher, July 1997)

„This beautifully presented album contains 17 of the easiest piano
pieces by Haydn. The
richness and variety of these short pieces will quickly establish
themselves with piano
teachers as an ideal supplement to piano lessons.“
(Musicus, University South Africa 1997)

„Michael Töpel has enlarged the teaching repertoire by assembling a
number of easy but
nonetheless beautiful miniatures by Joseph Haydn…“
(Frankfurt daily, March 1986)

Additional Information:

Vier Deutsche Tänze aus Hob IX:12, Nr. 1-4
Andante in g Hob XVI:11/II
Menuett in G und Trio in e Hob XVI:11/III
Volkslied Gott erhalte XXVIa:43 (Klavierfassung)
Deutscher Tanz in A Hob IX:12 Nr. 5
Presto in C für eine Flötenuhr Hob XIX:24
Allegro molto in D Hob deest
Allegretto in G Hob III:41/IV
Adagio in F Hob XVII:9*
Sonate in C Hob XVI:7
Sonate in G Hob XVI:8
Variationen in G aus Hob XVII:2
Sechs leichte Variationen in C Hob XVII:5
Menuett in C und Trio in c Hob IX:8 Nr. 10

Easy Piano Pieces & Dances Haydn

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