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Hamelin, Marc Andre - Etudes for Piano



Piano Solo.

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Duration: 50 mins 

Details:  This set of virtuoso etudes by Marc-Andre Hamelin, one of the world's leading pianists, was composed over a span of 25 years. It includes both original character pieces and also works that incorporate elements of, or refer back, to works by well-known composers. The publication of this volume coincides with the release of a new recording of the works, performed by Hamelin, on the Hyperion label.Contents: 

  • Detailed foreword by the composer in English and German
  • No.1 in A minor "Triple Étude after Chopin"
  • No.2 in E minor "Coma Berenices"
  • No.3 in B minor "after Paganini-Liszt"
  • No.4 in C minor "Étude à mouvement perpétuellement semblable (d'après Alkan)"
  • No.5 in G minor "Toccata grottesca"
  • No.6 in D minor "Esercizio per Pianoforte (Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti)
  • No.7 in E- minor "after Tchaikovsky (for the left hand alone)"
  • No.8 in B- minor "Erlkönig (after Goethe)"
  • No.9 in F minor "after Rossini"
  • No.10 in F+ minor "after Chopin"
  • No.11 in C+ minor "Minuetto"
  • No.12 in A- minor "Prelude and Fugue

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