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Edvard Grieg: Complete Lyric Pieces For Piano - Grieg, Edvard (Artist)



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Includes Op.12, Op.38, Op.43, Op.47, Op.54, Op.57, Op.62, Op.65, Op.68 and Op.71.


  • Album Leaf Op.12 No.7
  • Album Leaf Op.47 No.2
  • Arietta Op.43 No.7
  • At Your Feet Op.68 No.3
  • Ballad Op.65 No.6
  • Bell Ringing Op.54 No.6
  • Berceuse Op.38 No.1
  • Brooklet Op.62 No.4
  • Butterfly Op.43 No.1
  • Canon Op.38 No.8
  • Cradle Song, Op. 11, No. 2
  • Elegy Op.38 No.6
  • Elegy Op.47 No.7
  • Elves' Dance Op.12 No.4
  • Erotik Op.43 No.5
  • French Serenade Op.62 No.3
  • From Early Years Op.65 No.1
  • Gade Op.57 No.2
  • Gone Op.71 No.6
  • Grandmother's Minuet Op.68 No.2
  • Gratitude Op.62 No.2
  • Halling Op.38 No.4
  • Halling Op.47 No.4
  • Halling Op.71 No.5
  • Home-Sickness Op.57 No.6
  • Homeward Op.62 No.6
  • Illusion Op.57 No.3
  • In My Native Country Op.43 No.3
  • Little Bird Op.43 No.4
  • March Of The Trolls Op.54 No.3
  • Melancholy
  • Melancholy Op.47 No.5
  • Melancholy Waltz Op.68 No.6
  • Melody Op.38 No.3
  • Melody Op.47 No.3
  • National Song Op.12 No.8
  • Nocturne Op.54 No.4
  • Norwegian March Op.54 No.2
  • Norwegian Melody Op.12 No.6
  • Once Upon A Time Op.71 No.1
  • Op.65 No.3
  • Peace Of The Woods Op.71 No.4
  • Peasant's Song Op.65 No.2
  • Phantom Op.62 No.5
  • Popular Melody Op.12 No.5
  • Popular Melody Op.38 No.2
  • Puck Op.71 No.3
  • Remembrances Op.71 No.7
  • Sailor's Song Op.68 No.1
  • Salon Op.65 No.4
  • Scherzo Op.54 No.5
  • Secret Op.57 No.4
  • She Dances Op.57 No.5
  • Shepherd's Boy Op.54 No.1
  • Solitary Traveller Op.38 No.2
  • Sommerabend Op.71 No.2
  • Spring Dance Op.38 No.5
  • Spring Dance Op.47 No.6
  • Sylph Op.62 No.1
  • To The Spring Op.43 No.6
  • Valse Impromptu Op.47 No.1
  • Vanished Day Op.57 No.1
  • Waltz Op.12 No.2
  • Waltz Op.38 No.7
  • Watchman's Song Op.12 No.3
  • Wedding Day At Troldhauen Op.65 No.6
  • You Gave Me A Mountain

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