Einaudi - Seven Days Walking, Day One (Piano Solo)



Produced in close collaboration with the composer, this piano folio presents all eleven tracks from Ludovico Einaudi's album 'Seven Days Walking – Day One'. Also included is a bonus piece, 'Birdsong', from 'Day Two', available exclusively in this folio.

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Seven Days Walking is the new album by Ludovico Einaudi, the world’s most streamed classical composer. Seven Days Walking is divided into seven episodes, seven albums (Day One, Day Two, etc. until Day Seven), which will be released at monthly intervals. This music folio includes the music in Day One. Each episode is focused on several main themes, which are recurring in different forms: seven variations following the same imaginary itinerary, retraced in seven different moments, with the episodes modelled on the days of the week.

Three and a half years after his triumphant Elements album and world tour, Einaudi took inspiration from winter hiking in the Italian Alps to create an extensive project around the theme of Seven Days Walking - the music is as beautiful, elegant and evocative as anything Einaudi has written before.

Lauded as his masterpiece, Seven Days Walking is the latest in the esteemed composer and pianist’s amazing body of work.

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