Bach J.S. - Keyboard Works attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach (Urtext).



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Bach, Johann Sebastian    (1685-1750)

Keyboard Works attributed to J. S. Bach    
Instrumentation: Organ/ Piano/ Harpsichord

Reviews of this publication:

* In certain respects, this edition complements the volume of Keyboard Works of Doubtful
This edition complements the volume of Keyboard Works of Doubtful Authenticity (BA 5250).
It contains works which have survived bearing Johann Sebastian Bach’s name or were later attributed to Bach, but where Bach has been ruled out as composer in the opinion of the editors on stylistic grounds or following a critical examination of the sources.
But having said that, it is hard to be negative about these compositions which are of a consistently high quality.
Furthermore this is largely unknown repertoire: almost half of the pieces in the volume are previously unpublished. As a result, this edition invites curious and open-minded musicians on a voyage of discovery.
- Critical edition based on the guidelines of the “New Bach Edition”
- Largely unknown repertoire with several works published as first editions
- Foreword (Ger/Eng) and detailed Critical Commentary (Ger/Eng)
“In fact this is perfect source material for student editions and Interpreters, training them to think  and ‘play Baroque’ without the usual printed help, and in guaranteed-unfamiliar music. Rewarding albums.”
(Music Teachers, Sept. 09)

Additional Information:

Sarabande g-Moll BWV 839
Fuge a-Moll BWV 897/2
Präludium und Fuge B-Dur über den Namen Bach BWV 898
Fantasie g-Moll BWV 920
Fuge e-Moll BWV 945
Fue e-Moll BWV 960 (Fragment)
Suite F-Dur BWV Anh. 80
Gigue G-Dur Anh. 81
Fantasie c-Moll BWV ANh. 86
Fantasie C-Dur BWV Anh. 87: Erste Fassung / First Version, Zweite
Fassung / Second version
Fuge C-Dur BWV Anh. 89
Fuge e-Moll BWV Anh. 95
Fuga G-Dur BWV Anh. 91
Fuga e-Moll BWV Anh. 93
Fuge G-Dur BWV Anh. 92
Fuge D-Dur BWV Anh. 96
Fuge d-Moll BWV Anh. 98
Fuge d-Moll BWV Anh. 99
Fuge d-Moll BWV Anh. 100
Fuge d-Moll BWV Anh. 100 - Variante / Alternative version
Fuge es-Moll BWV Anh. 102
Drei Fugen über B A C H:
1. Fuge C-Dur BWV Anh. 107
2. Fuge C-Dur BWV Anh. 108: Fassung a / Versin a, Fassung b /
Version b
3. Fuge c-Moll BWV Anh. 110
Contrapunctus alla Decima. B A C H BWV Anh. 109
Largo und Allegro BWv Anh. 111
Fuge d-Moll BWV Anh. 180
Fuge C-Dur BWV deest
Fuge c-Moll BWV deest
Fuge h-Moll BWV deest
Fuge c-Moll BWV deest
Kritischer Bericht
Critical Commentary

Keyboard Works attributed to Bach

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