Bach J.S. - Little Preludes and Fughettas (Urtext).



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Bach, Johann Sebastian    (1685-1750)

Little Preludes and Fughettas    
Instrumentation: Piano/ Harpsichord

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* Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach’s easiest preludes and fughettas have become a permanent
feature of piano lessons.
Unfortunately, almost all the well-known collections still contain a
number of preludes whose
authenticity has long been questioned and which are now known to be

This collection takes the latest research findings into account and
contains only those works
firmly attributed to Bach. It reproduces the Urtext from the
internationally definitive New Bach
Edition, ideally selected for use in music lessons.

- Bach’s easiest preludes and fughettas with the Urtext from the New
Bach Edition

- Only includes works firmly attributed to Bach

- First separate publication

- Inexpensive edition for teaching purposes


Additional Information:

Sechs kleine Präludien
Praeludium 1 C-Dur BWV 933
Praeludium 2 c-Moll BWV 934
Praeludium 3 d-Moll BWV 935
Praeludium 4 D-Dur BWV 936
Praeludium 5 E-Dur BWV 937
Praeludium 6 e-Moll BWV 938
Kleine Praeludien aus dem Klavierbüchlein für W. Fr. Bach
Praeludiumd-Moll BWV 926
Praeludium C-Dur BWV 846a
Praeambulum F-Dur BWV 927
Praeabulum g-Moll BWV 930
Praeludium F-Dur BWV 928
Praeludium c-Moll BWV 847
Praeludium d-Moll BWV 851
Praeludium C-Dur BWV 924a
Praeludien und Fughetten aus unterschiedlicher Überlieferung
Praeludium c-Moll für Laute BWV 999
Praeludium Es-Dur aus der Suite Es-Dur BWV 815a
Älteres Praeludium zur Fughetta G-Dur BWV 902/1a
Fughetta G-Dur BWV 902/2
Fughetta c-Moll 961
Praeludium und Fughetta d-Moll BWV 899
Praeludium und Fughetta e-Moll BWV 855a
Praeludium und Fuge A-Dur BWV 896

Little Preludes & Fughettas Piano

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