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Anthology Of Piano Music Volume 3: The Romantic Period



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A repertory of piano works by masters of the 19th century selected and edited by Denes Agay. Includes a biographical sketch of each one and a glossary. Suitable for intermediate to advanced pianists.


  • Album Leaf (Reger)
  • Allegretto (Schubert)
  • At Evening (Heller)
  • At The Inn From Forest Scenes Op.82 No.6 (Schumann)
  • Burletta (Reger)
  • Capriccio Op.84 No.1 (Faure)
  • Chanson Triste Op.40 No.2 [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
  • Chant De Lalouette Op.39 No.22 (Album For The Young) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich]
  • Child Falling Asleep From Scenes From Childhood Op.15 No.12 (Schumann)
  • Childrens Polka [Glinka, Mikhail]
  • Davidsbundler Dances Op.6 Nos11-12 (Schumann)
  • Ecossaises (Schubert)
  • Elegie (Gade)
  • En Reve S.207 [Liszt, Franz]
  • Erster Verlust (First Loss) Op.68 No.16 [Schumann, Robert]
  • Etude Op.10 No.3 (Chopin)
  • Etude Op.25 No.2 (Chopin)
  • Farewell Waltz [Glinka, Mikhail]
  • From Puritan Days From New England Idyls (Macdowell)
  • Grandmothers Songs Op.27 Nos 10 And 8 (Volkmann)
  • Humoreske Op.6 No.3 (Grieg)
  • Hungarian Dance No.7 [Brahms, Johannes]
  • Idyla Op.4 No.2 [Smetana, Bedrich]
  • Important Event (Scenes From Childhood Op.15 No.6) [Schumann, Robert]
  • Impromptu [Schubert, Franz]
  • In Autumn From Woodland Sketches (Macdowell)
  • In Church From Childrens Album Op.39 No.24 (Tchaikovsky)
  • In The Village (Moussorgsky)
  • Intermezzo (Faschingsschwank aus Wien) Op.26 No.4 [Schumann, Robert]
  • Intermezzo [Glinka, Mikhail]
  • Intermezzo In E Flat Op.117 No.1 [Brahms, Johannes]
  • Intermezzo Op. 119 No.3 [Brahms, Johannes]
  • Italian Sailors Song From Album For The Young Op.68 No.36 (Schumann)
  • Landler From Op.33 And Op.67 (Schubert)
  • Little Prelude In C Minor (Franck)
  • Little Prelude In E Flat Major (Franck)
  • Longing For Home (Grieg)
  • Mazurka Op.17 No.1 (Chopin)
  • Mazurka Op.7 No.2 (Chopin)
  • Melody From Album For The Young Op.68 No.36 (Schumann)
  • Moment Musicale Op.94 No.3 [Schubert, Franz]
  • Nocturne (Lyric Pieces) Op.54 [Grieg, Edvard]
  • Nocturne In F Minor Op.55 No.1 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Nocturne Op.27 No.1 (Chopin)
  • Novelette Op.99 No.9 (Schumann)
  • Pensee Melodique Op.40 No.6 (Sibelius)
  • Phantasy Dance Op.124 No.5 (Schumann)
  • Polka Op.53 [Dvorak, Antonin]
  • Polonaise Op.26 No.1 (Chopin)
  • Postludium (Dohnanyi)
  • Prelude [Heller, Stephen]
  • Prelude In A Op.28 No.7 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Prelude In B Minor Op.28 No.6 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Prelude In B Op.28 No.11 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Prelude In C Minor Op.28 No.20 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Prelude In D Flat Raindrop Op.28 No.15 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Prelude In E Minor Op.28 No.4 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Puck [Grieg, Edvard]
  • Rhapsody Op.79 No.2 (Brahms)
  • Romanze Op.28 No.2 (Schumann)
  • Scherzetto (Heller)
  • Scherzo Op.16 No.2 (Mendelssohn)
  • Serenade Op.3 No.5 (Rachmaninov)
  • Silhouette In D Flat Major Op.8 No.2 [Dvorak, Antonin]
  • Soaring Op.12 No.2 (Schumann)
  • Songwithout Words Op.53 No.4 (Mendelssohn)
  • Sweet Consolation
  • Tarantella Op.102 No.3 [Mendelssohn, Felix]
  • The Prophet Bird From Forest Scenes Op.82 No.7 (Schumann)
  • The Reapers Song From Album For The Young Op.68 No.18 (Schumann)
  • To A Wild Rose (Woodland Sketches Op.51) [Macdowell, Edward]
  • Valse Oubliee (Liszt)
  • Valse Scherzo No.2 Op.59 (Tchaikovsky)
  • Valses Sentimentales (Schubert)
  • Venetian Boat-Song No.1 (Song Without Words) Op.19 No.6 [Mendelssohn, Felix]
  • Waltz In A Flat Op.69 No.1 [Chopin, Frederic]
  • Waltzes Op.39 Nos 1, 2, 3, 15 (Brahms)
  • Wiegenlied (Cradle Song)
  • Zortzico Op.165 No.6 [Albeniz, Isaac]

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