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Anthology Of Piano Music Volume 1: The Baroque Period



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A repertory of keyboard works by masters of the 17th and 18th centuries, selected and edited by Denes Agay. Includes biographical sketches of the composers and a glossary. Suitable for intermediate to advanced pianists.


  • A New Irish Tune [Purcell, Henry]
  • Adagio (Martini)
  • Alman (Gibbons)
  • Andante Maestoso (Marcello)
  • Aria Detto Balletto (Frescobaldi)
  • Ballet (Kindermann)
  • Bergamasca (Scheidt)
  • Bourree (Telemann)
  • Buffone (Maichelbeck)
  • Cantabile And Fugue (Telemann)
  • Canzon (Froberger)
  • Capriccio (Cpe Bach)
  • Clavier Partie (Tischer)
  • Coranto [Gibbons, Orlando]
  • Courante (Double)
  • Fanfarinette From Pieces De Clavecin (Rameau)
  • Fantasia (Handel)
  • Fantasia (Js Bach)
  • Fantasia (Telemann)
  • Fantasie (Pachelbel)
  • Fantasie And Menuet (Mattheson)
  • Four Arias (Pasquini)
  • French Suite No.6 (Js Bach)
  • Fuga From Harmonia Organica (Kindermann)
  • Fuga Pastorella (Muffat)
  • Fugue (Pachelbel)
  • Fugue C Major (Js Bach)
  • Galliard (Byrd)
  • Gavotte In D Major [Popper, D]
  • Ground C Minor (Purcell)
  • Hornpipe (Loeillet)
  • Intonazione (Gabrieli)
  • Inventio No.13 In A Minor (Js Bach)
  • Inventio No.14 In B Flat Major (Js Bach)
  • Inventio No.3 In D Major (Js Bach)
  • La Boiteuse From Pieces De Clavecin (Rameau)
  • La Gaillarde (Nichelmann)
  • La Gemissante (Dandrieu)
  • La Joyeuse (Daquin)
  • La Tendre (Nichelmann)
  • La Villageoise (The Peasant Girl) [Rameau, Jean-philippe]
  • Lame-en-peine From Ordre No.13 (Couperin)
  • Le Caquet (Dandrieu)
  • Le Reveille-matin From Ordre No.4 (Couperin)
  • Le Rossignol-en-amour From Ordre No.14 (Couperin)
  • Les Carillons (Kirnberger)
  • Les Graces Natureles From Ordre No.11 (Couperin)
  • Loure (Telemann)
  • Menuet [Lully, Jean-Baptiste]
  • Passacaglia (Witt)
  • Passacaille - Chaconne (G255)
  • Passepied From Melpomene Suite (Fischer)
  • Pavana (Byrd)
  • Polonaise (Wf Bach)
  • Preambulum (Krebs)
  • Prelude (Blow)
  • Prelude And Fugue From Ariadne Musica (Fischer)
  • Preludium And Fuga In E Flat Major (Js Bach)
  • Preludium And Fuga In F Major (Js Bach)
  • Presto (Paradisi)
  • Ricercata (Trabacci)
  • Rigadoon (Musicks Handmaid) [Purcell, Henry]
  • Rigaudon [Telemann, Georg Philipp]
  • Sarabande And Giga (Zipoli)
  • Sarabande for a sandwich
  • Sarabandes From Pieces De Clavecin (Rameau)
  • Siciliana (Muffat)
  • Sinfonia Three-voice Invention
  • Sonata (Kirnberger)
  • Sonata (Pergolesi)
  • Sonata B Flat Major (Scarlatti)
  • Sonata B Minor (Scarlatti)
  • Sonata G Major (Scarlatti)
  • Sonata No.84 (Soler)
  • Sonatina (Handel)
  • Suite B Minor (Froberger)
  • Suite No.11 (Handel)
  • Suite No.4 (Purcell)
  • Theme And Variations (Zipoli)
  • Toccata (Leo)
  • Toccata (Seixas)
  • Toccata (Sweelinck)
  • Toccata And Fugue (Muffat)
  • Transcription Of A Gavotte By Gluck
  • Two Divertimenti (Durante)
  • Two Gigues
  • Two Pieces From Musical Pastime (Rathgeber)
  • Variations On An Aria By Lully (Buxtehude)
  • Zarabanda (Partita In C) [Turina, Joaquin]

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