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Barenreiter Piano Album: Baroque. 44 Easy to Play Pieces.



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Bärenreiter Piano Album Baroque    
Instrumentation: Piano/ Harpsichord

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* Bärenreiter Piano Album

In the Baroque Era, the term “clavier” referred to all keyboard
instruments: virginal,
clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano, and others. Bärenreiter’s
“Baroque” Piano Album

presents a representative selection of the major forms of Baroque
clavier music from
England, Italy, France and Germany. The anthology is divided into
these four countries and
illustrated with pictures of historical instruments to convey an
impression of music making in
the country concerned.

The volume begins with the Italian composer Girolamo Frescobaldi,
whose keyboard
works exemplify the stylistic transition from the Renaissance to the
It then moves on to the English virginalists and the French
clavecinistes and ends with
the epochal of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Apart from traits which prevailed in each of these countries, piano
pupils will learn about
the various stages of the Early High and Late Baroque period as well
as about the major
musical genres, from dance to fugue.

Special care was taken in the selection of the pieces to ensure that
they could be played
on the modern piano.

Since Baroque ornaments must be executed differently for each
composer, practical
suggestions are included in the musical text. Reliable fingering has
been added to
make the volume ideal for use in piano lessons.

- Representative overview of the major styles in Baroque clavier

- 44 easy-to-play pieces

- Colour illustrations of historical keyboard instruments

- Musical text includes suggestions for ornaments

- Reliable fingering



W. Byrd: Jig /  G. Farnaby: Alman / R. Farnaby: Faine would I wed /
Anonymous: Corranto / W. Lawes: Saraband / J. Blow: Theatre Tune /
Air /
H. Purcell: Trumpet Tune / A Minuet / A New Ground / D. Purcell:
Suite /
J. Barrett: The Catherine


G. Frescobaldi: Balletto Primo / Corrente Prima / B. Pasquini: Tre
Arie / A. Corelli: Sarabanda /
D. Scarlatti: Sonata I / Aria / D. Zipoli: Minuetto / Giga


L. Couperin: Branle de Basque / La Pastourelle / J.-H. d’Anglebert:
Menuet / G. le Roux: Menuet /
F. Couperin: The Kindly Cuckoos / L. Marchand: Menuet / J.-F.
Dandrieu: Flutes /
J.-Ph. Rameau: Sarabande / The Merry Maid / Rigaudon / Menuet en
Rondeau / Song for Zephyr /


J. J. Froberger: Courant / J. K. Kerll: Sarabande / J. C. F.
Fischer: Praeludium und Fuge /
G. Ph. Telemann: Gigue / J. Chr. Graupner: Menuet / G. F. Händel:
Menuet HWV 532 /
J. S. Bach: Musette BWV Anh. 126 / Menuet BWV Anh. 132 / Praeludium
BWV 999 /
Praeambulum BWV 784 / Praeludium BWV 847 / Allemande BWV 814

“A wonderful treasure-trove for intermediate students.”

(Piano Journal)


Additional Information:

William Byrd: Jig
Giles Farnaby: Faine would I wed
Anonymous: Corranto
William Lawes: Saraband
John Blow: Theatre Tune
John Blow: Air
Henry Purcell: Trumpet Tune
Henry Purcell: A Minuet
Henry Purcell: A new Ground
Daniel Purcell: Suite
John Barrett: The Catherine
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Balletto Primo
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Corrente Prima
Bernardo Pasquini: Tre Arie
Arcangelo Corelli: Sarabanda
Domenico Scarlatti: SonataI
Domenico Scarlatti

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