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More Romantic Pieces for Piano Book I



arranged by Lionel Salter - Piano solo. Contains \"Soldatenmarsch\" (\"Soldiers' March) which is set on Grade 1, List B of the ABRSM Piano Exams 2011-2012 and also Duvernoy \"Andantino Opus 176 Number 15\" Grade 2, List B of the same exams.

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These five volumes of piano repertoire offer an ideal introduction to music from the Romantic period- featuring works by great names such as Chopin Schumann and Debussy as well as pieces by lesser-known composers from this prolific period of piano writing- volumes are carefully graded and offer a variety of keys time signatures and moods- each volume provides invaluable practice and concert repertoire through the grades.


  • M. Vogel Andante in D, Op. 33 No. 37
  • J. F. F Burgmüller arr. Alan Jones Arabesque, Op. 100 No. 2
  • Gedike Barcarolle in A minor
  • F Braunroth arr. Lionel Salter Canon in E minor
  • E Horák Cuckoo
  • Carl Maria von Weber Ecossaise in G
  • Eduard Schütt arr. Thomas A. Johnson Evening Stillness, Op. 105 No. 6
  • Alexander Grechaninov Fairy Tale, No. 1 from Children’s Book, Op. 98
  • Dmitri Kabalevsky Galop, Op. 39 No. 18
  • Wilm Gathering Flowers, Op. posth. No. 4
  • Felix Swinstead Gliding: No. 12 from ‘Work and Play’
  • Tchaikovsky arr. Lionel Salter La poupée malade (The sick doll), Op. 39 No. 7 (published as No. 6)
  • Robert Fuchs arr. Alan Jones Lacheln unter Tranen (Smiles after Tears), Op. 47 No. 10
  • Alexander Grechaninov Lament, Op. 98 No. 14
  • Franz Schubert Landler in Eb, D. 679/2
  • d’Indy Little Piece in A minor, Op. 74 No. 2
  • Gordon Jacob Lullaby for a Chinese Infant
  • George Dyson Lullaby: No. 6 from ‘12 Easy Pieces’
  • Le Couppey Melody in C, No. 21 from ABC du Piano
  • M. Vogel Moderato in C, Op. 34 No. 10
  • Zdenek Fibich Morning Pastimes
  • Sandré Mr Happy-go-lucky (Monsieur Sans-souci)
  • Carl Nielsen Poco lamentoso: No. 6 from ‘Piano Music for Big and Small’, Op. 53
  • T. F Kirchner arr. Lionel Salter Poco vivace in C, Op. 55 No. 2
  • Hiller Polish Song, Op. 117 No. 18
  • Stephen Heller arr. Arthur Alexander Prelude in E minor, Op. 119 No. 9
  • Nolck Prelude in G minor, Op. 70 No. 7
  • Gedike Russian Song, Op. 36 No. 24
  • Carl Reinecke Serenade in F, Op. 183 No. 3: 2nd movement, Minuet in C
  • Robert Schumann arr. Lionel Salter Soldiers’ March (Soldatenmarsch), Op. 68 No. 2
  • Ferdinand Beyer Study in A minor, Op. 101 No. 60 (Andante)
  • J. B. Duvernoy Study in A, Op. 176 No. 15 (Andantino)
  • Enckhausen Study in A, Op. 93 No. 33 (Allegretto)
  • F Wohlfahrt Study in C, from Op. 36 (Allegretto)
  • Czerny Study in C, Op. 599 No. 36 (Allegretto)
  • Loeschhorn Study in C, Op. 65 No. 4 (Allegretto)
  • Enckhausen Study in D minor, Op. 93 No. 22 (Andante)
  • Henri Bertini Study in D, Op. 137 No. 9
  • L. Köhler Study in F, Op. 190 No. 27 (Melody)
  • Thomas Dunhill Study in G: No. 3 from ‘The Wheel of Progress’, Op. 74, Book 1 (Allegro)
  • Rebikov arr. Thomas A. Johnson The Bear: No. 4 from ‘Christmas Gifts’
  • Krug The Little Bird and the Cat, Op. 83 No. 16
  • Maikapar The Moth
  • Thomas Dunhill The Old Windmill: No. 3 from ‘First Year Pieces’
  • Michael Head The Quiet Wood
  • Cornelius Gurlitt Vivace in C, Op. 179 No. 32
  • Cornelius Gurlitt Waltz in F, Op. 179 No. 21
  • H. J. Richter Waltz in G minor, Op. 2 No. 2
  • Sandré You can’t catch me! (Tu ne m’attrapera pas!)

This is used on the following ABRSM grades:

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