Steigleder J.U. - Ricercar Tabulatura (1624), Vol.2 (Urtext).



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Steigleder, Johann Ulrich    (1593-1635)

Ricercar Tabulatura (1624), Volume II    
Instrumentation: Organ

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* Johann Ulrich Steigleder (1593-1635) was organist at the collegiate church in Stuttgart from
Johann Ulrich Steigleder (1593–1635) was organist at the collegiate church in Stuttgart from 1617 onwards and became court organist in 1627. His posthumous fame is based principally on his tablature book “Ricercar Tabulatura” (1624) which he himself published. The ricercares are intentionally instrumentally conceived. They contain antiphonal effects and fauxbourdon-like passages which are reminiscent of the English virginalists’ style. Steigleder’s tabulature book is an important South German contribution to the organ music Kunstbücher by Titelouze, Scheidt, Frescobaldi and Correa de Arauxo which appeared around the same time.
This edition also contains three works which have survived under the name Adam Steigleder. The editor Ulrich Siegele is a leading international scholar of the works of the Steigleder family of musicians.
- Scholarly-critical Urtext edition of the “Ricercar Tabulatura” (1624) in two volumes
- Based on the latest musicological research
- Detailed foreword (Ger/Eng) on the range and structure of the works, editorial technique and performance practice
- Critical Commentary (Ger) and a list of sources in each volume
“These volumes represent a valuable addition to seventeenth-century repertory and should form part of every institutional library. The pieces are well worthy of performance in concerts and as voluntaries.” (The British Inst. Of Organ Studies BIOS Journal vol. 32, 2008)
“The Ricercars are enjoyable to play,…”
(Early Music Review, May 2009)

Additional Information:

Anhang II: Drei unter dem Namen von A. Steigleder überlieferte Stücke
Zugabe: Zwei Stammbucheinträge
Nachweis der Abbildungen und Dank
Appendix II: Three pieces handed down under the name of A. Steigleder
Bonus Feature: Two album inscriptions
List of illustrations and acknowledgments
Abbildungen - Illustrations
Ricercar Tabulatura (1624):
7. Ricercar in D
8. Ricercar in E
9. Ricercar in F
10. Ricercar in G
11. Ricercar in A
12. Ricercar in C
Anhang II - Appendix II:
Drei unter dem Namen von Adam Steigleder überlieferte Stücke
Three pieces handed down under the name of Adam Steigleder
1. Toccata primi Toni
2. Paßa e mezo mit / with Galliarda
3. Fuga oder / or Canzon
Kritischer Bericht - Critical Commentary

Ricercar Tabulatura Vol2 Organ