Muffat G. - Complete Works for Keyboard (Organ), Vol. 2 (Urtext).



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Muffat, Georg: Ebner, Wolfgang     

Complete Works for Keyboard (Organ), Volume 2    
First Edition
Series: Sämtliche Werke für Clavier (Orgel), Band 2
Instrumentation: Piano, Harpsichord, Organ

Reviews of this publication:

* Georg Muffat, Wolfgang Ebner

This two-volume practical Urtext edition is the first edition to
unite all the works firmly or
loosely attributed to Georg Muffat (1653–1704) and Wolfgang Ebner

It is a curiosity of musical scholarship that the clavier music of a
composer of Georg Muffat’s
stature should remain unpublished apart from three pieces. Muffat,
after all,
was no less significant than Buxtehude, Pachelbel and the Krieger
brothers as a forerunner of
Johann Sebastian Bach.

Wolfgang Ebner was organist and later “Kapellmeister” at St.
Stephen’s in Vienna at the same
time as Johann Jacob Froberger. He taught the future Habsburg
emperor Leopold I and wrote
music that was the equal of Froberger’s in virtuosity and
contrapuntal rigour.

The second volume of this edition contains three partitas and a
toccata by Muffat and several
toccatas, contrapuntal works, variations and partitas by Ebner. Like
the first volume,
it includes a critical report, a list of sources, and a detailed
preface with sections on editorial
method, performance practice, ornamentation, and commentaries on
individual works.

- First publication of two outstanding 17th century composers

- Important addition to the repertoire of harpsichord and organists

- Ground breaking Urtext edition

- Detailed editorial notes

Additional Information:

Vorwort Preface
Faksimilia, Facsimiles
Georg Muffat: Werke gesicherter Authentizität, Teil 2:
Partita in F
Partita in F
Ciacona in G
Passacaglia in g
Nova Cyclopeias Harmonica in C
Georg Muffat: Werke ungesicherter Authentizität, Teil 2:
Partita (Fragment) in F
Toccata (Fragment) in g
Wolfgang Ebner: Werke gesicherter Authentizität, Teil 2:
Toccata in g
Toccata in d
Aria XXXVI modis uariata in a Courrente in D
Wolfgang Ebner: Zugeschriebene Werke:
Fugue in d & Caprice sur le mesme sujet in d
Partita in A
Allemand in g
Couranta in g
Courante in g
Sarabanda in g
Courante in g
Sarabanda in g

Complete Keyboard Works 2

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