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Handel, G F - Water Music & Music for the Royal Fireworks



Arranged for Harpsichord or Organ by Francesco Geminiani et al.


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Keyboard fireworks

As early as 1743, while Handel was still alive, Francesco Geminiani produced an arrangement of the “Water Music” for keyboard instruments, thereby making it possible to perform this popular work in domestic surroundings. Then, presumably in 1749, an unknown musician arranged the “Music for the Royal Fireworks” for transverse flute or violin and harpsichord.

In addition to these two contemporary versions, this edition also contains an arrangement by the editor for harpsichord or organ, based on the first edition. Though both early sources explicitly mention a harpsichord, the arrangements can also be performed effectively note-for-note on the organ.

As the surviving anonymous version merely places a solo part and a figured bass on a two-stave system, our edition is accompanied by performance material with one part each for transverse flute/oboe/violin and violoncello/double bass,plus a figured bass realisation.

• Musical text with arrangements by two Handel contemporaries as well as the editor’s own arrangement for harpsichord or organ
• All editorial additions are clearly marked
• Equally effective when performed note-for-note on the organ.


  • Preface
  • Facsimiles 
    Water Musick: 
    Set for the Harpsichord (or Organ) by Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762) (1743) 
    Suite I in F major HWV 348: 
    1. Ouverture in the Water Musick 
    Composer / Author: Rampe, Siegbert 
    2. Adagio e Staccato 
    3. Allegro 
    Composer / Author: Rampe, Siegbert 
    4. Adagio 
    5. Allegro 
    Composer / Author: Händel, Georg Friedrich 
    6. Aire 
    Composer / Author: Rampe, Siegbert 
    7. Minuet 
    8. Bourrée 
    9. Hornpipe 
    10. set by Siegbert Rampe 
    Suite II in D-major HWV 349: 
    11. Allegro 
    12. Alla Hornpipe 
    13. Minuet 
    14. Lentement 
    15. Bourée 
    Suite III in G-major HWV 350: 
    17.-18. Rigaudon 1 & 2 
    19.-20. Minuet 1 & 2 
    Composer / Author: Rampe, Siegbert 
    21.-22. Gigue 1 & 2 
    Musick for the Royal Fireworks: 
    After the First Print (c. 1749) set for the Harpsichord or Organ by Siegbert Rampe 
    Suite in D-major HWV 351: 
    La Paix - Largo alla Siciliana 
    La Réjouissance - Allegro 
    Menuet 1 & 2 
    Original edition set for the German Flute, Violin or Harpsichord: 
    By an Anonymous Musician (London, ca. 1749) 
    Largo alla Siciliana 
    Menuet 1 & 2 

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