Guilmant F. - Selected Organ Works. Vol.6 Concert and Character Pieces 2



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Guilmant, Félix-Alexandre    (1837-1911)

Selected Organ Works VI: Concertante and Character Pieces 2    
Instrumentation: Organ

Reviews of this publication:

* - As with previous volumes, Volume VI of the Urtext Edition of Alexandre Guilmant’s works
As with previous volumes, Volume VI of the Urtext Edition of Alexandre Guilmant’s works presents a practical edition of selected works which have become famous in the international organ repertoire. The character pieces offer an insight into Guilmant’s lively imagination and performing practice. With moderate technical demands, clarity of form, these works are ideal for both church and concert performance.
Short text:
Guilmant‘s eight organ sonatas are classics in the French Romantic organ tradition and belong to the permanent repertoire of organists everywhere. His late organ sonatas in particular draw on the idiom of Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schumann while paying homage to the Belle Époque.
Contents _“Premiere Meditation”_ in A major op. 20, No. 1 / “_Caprice”_ in B-flat major op. 20, No. 3 / “_Madrigal”_ in E-flat major op. 52, No. 3 / “_Priere__”_ in F major op. 16, No. 2 / “_Verset__”_ in F major op. 19, No. 5 / “_Priere__ et Berceuse”_ in A-flat major op. 27, No. 5 / “_Pastorale__”_ in A major op. 72, No. 3 / “_Fantaisie__ sur deux Melodies Anglaises”_ in D major op. 43
- First Urtext edition of Guilmant’s organ works
- Well-known pieces in a practical performing edition
- Based on the latest research
- Detailed foreword (Ger/Eng), Critical Commentary (Ger/Eng) with list of sources

Additional Information:

Félix-Alexandre Guilmant - eine biographische Würdigung
Musik im 19. Jahrhundert und Guilmants Orgelwerke
Konzert- und Charakterstücke 2
Guilmant als Pädagoge
Guilmant als Komponist, Solist und Herausgeber
Konzert- und Charakterstücke 2:
Première Méditation op. 20, Nr. 1
Caprice op. 20, Nr. 3
Madrigal op. 52, Nr. 3
Prière op. 16, Nr. 2
Verset. Fantaisie pour lorgue op. 19, Nr. 5
Prière op. 16, Nr. 2
Communion op. 15, Nr. 1
Pastorale [op. 26] op. 72, Nr. 3
Fantaisie sur deux Mélodies Anglaises op. 43
Kritischer Bericht:
I. Abkürzungen
II. Zur Edition
III. Quellen
IV. Einzelnachweise

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