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Froberger, Johann Jacob    (1616-1667)

New Edition of the Complete Works, vol. 4.1    
Keyboard and Organ Works from Copied Sources Partitas and Partita Movements, Part 2
Series: Johann Jacob Froberger: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke,Bd.4.1
Instrumentation: Organ, Piano, Harpsichord

Reviews of this publication:

* Johann Jacob Froberger

In his day, Johann Jacob Froberger (1617–1667) was a towering figure
who created a style
of composition uniting influences from Italy, France and England.
His music continued to be
published seventy years after his death and was evidently still
being played after 1750.
Today there is a growing awareness that his only peer in
17th-century keyboard music was
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.

The complete edition of Froberger’s music is scheduled to encompass
six bilingual volumes
(German and English). Each volume contains a critical report and a
detailed preface with
sections on the scope and subdivision of the edition, the editorial
performance practice (including a discussion of contemporary
instruments and ornamentation)
and biographical notes. Volume 5 will contain a complete catalogue
of Froberger’s music, the
Froberger-Werkverzeichnis. “FbWV” numbers have been added to the
pieces in each volume.

Now, for the first time, keyboard players have access to every work
attributed to Froberger,
including a large number of pieces discovered by the editor, as well
as alternative versions
and pieces of doubtful authenticity.

- Reliable, state-of-the-art complete edition

- Scholarly-critical text

- Detailed explanatory notes (German/English)

„…the definitive edition fort his wonderful music…“

(The Diapason May 2004)

„These three volumes will surely become the definitive edition for
this wonderful music:
suffice it to say they are very highly recommended and worth saving
up for …“.

(Clavichord International vol. 7, no. 2, Nov. 2003)

Additional Information:

Vorwort Preface
Faksimilia Facsimiles
Werke gesicherter Authentizität Teil 2:
Partita in h/b FbWV 626
Partita in e FbWV 627
Partita in a FbWV 628
Partita in a FbWV 628a
Partita in a FbWV 630
Partita in Es/E flat FbWV 631
Tombeau in c FbWV 632
Lamentation in F FbWV 633
Aria in d FbWV 636
Partita (Fragment) in G FbWV637
Sarabande in c FbWV 640
Werke ungesicherter Authentizität Teil 1:
Partita in d FbWV 618a
Allemande (Fragment) in d FbWV 634a
Allamand in d FbWV 635
Partita in A FbWV 638
Partita in A FbWV 638a
Partita in d FbWV 639
Kritischer Bericht Critical Commentary Errata

Keyboard & Organ Works Bk4/1

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