Various Composers - Organ Music of the Classic & Romantic Period, Vol.5.



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Organ Music of the Classical and Early Romantic Periods. Vol. 5    
17 Organ Pieces from Christian Fink
Series: Orgelmusik der Klassik und Frühromantik
Instrumentation: Organ

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Allegretto risoluto C-dur op. 71/1
Fuge a-moll (Moderato) op. 71/2
Pastorale G-dur (Kanon in der Oktave) op. 71/3
Allegretto h-moll op.71/6
Fuge A-dur (Allegro moderato) op. 71/7
Larghetto g-moll op. 72/5
Festpostludium Es-dur (Allegro maestoso) op. 72/6
Moderato f-moll op. 72/9
Festpraeludium a-moll (Allegro maestoso) op. 73/2
Andante con moto G-dur op. 73/3
Festpostludium D-dur (Allegro maestoso) op. 73/5
Larghetto h-moll op. 73/6
Larghetto g-moll op. 74/4
Moderato Es-dur op. 74/5
Allegro moderato c-moll op. 74/6
Festpraeludium As-dur (Andante maestoso) op. 74/7
Larghetto f-moll op. 74/8

Organ Mus Classic Romantic 5

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