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Various Composers - Easy Organ Pieces from the 19th Century, Bk.4.



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Easy Organ Pieces from the 19th Century, Volume 4    
Instrumentation: Organ

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* n As with the earlier volumes in the series Easy Organ Pieces from the 19th Century, volume IV contains a collection of short
As with the earlier volumes in the series Easy Organ Pieces from the 19th Century, volume IV contains a collection of short freely-composed organ pieces for one- and two-manual instruments suitable for semi-professional organists.
This volume is arranged by composer rather than key as in previous volumes. The three composers represented here are biographically linked.
Rheinberger whose organ works form the most significant contribution to the German repertoire between Mendelssohn and Reger is represented by the Six Short Pieces (1898) and as a first edition four early organ pieces (1858) which were not included in the Complete Edition. The two other composers in this collection are Josef Renner (Jr.) who was a pupil of Rheinberger with his Twelve Trios for organ, op. 39 and the Englishman John Ebenezer West. West was an admirer of Rheinberger’s music and his Passacaglia in B minor dedicated to the memory of Rheinberger is included.
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839-1901): Six short Pieces WoO 26 (1898)
I. Prelude (C maj)
II. Intermezzo (E min)
III. Epilogue (E-flat maj)
IV. Conzonetta (E maj)
V. Consolation (B-flat maj)
VI. Trio (D min)
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger
Four early Pieces for Organ (1858)
(First Publication):
I. Slow / II. Moderato / III. Slow /
IV. Moderato
Josef Renner (junior: 1868-1934): Twelve Trios for Organ op. 39
I. Moderato (C maj)
II. Allegretto (G maj)
III. Andante (D min)
IV. Canon. Moderato (D maj)
V. Andante (B-flat maj)
VI. Allegretto (E-flat maj)
VII. Adagio (A min)
VIII. Andante (F maj)
IX. Canon. Moderato (A maj)
X. Andante (E min)
XI. Canon. Andante (G maj)
XII. Canon. Moderato assai (B-flat maj) /
John Ebenezer West (1863-1929): Passacaglia (1899)
- First edition of organ works by Rheinberger and works by his pupils and admirers
- Romantic performance repertoire: easy to medium difficulty
- Suitable for performance on smaller instruments
- Pieces of short duration, therefore ideal for use in church services
- Detailed foreword (Ger/Eng) with tips on performance practice
“The edition is excellent, though.”
(Music Teacher Nov. 2009)
“… excellent.” (Music Review 2008)

Additional Information:

Faksimilia / Facsimiles
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839-1901): Sechs kurze Stücke / Six short
Pieces WoO 26 (1898):
I. Prelude (C-Dur / C major)
II. Intermezzo (e-Moll / E minor)
III. Epilogue (Es-Dur / E flat major)
IV. Canzonetta (E-Dur / E major)
V. Consolation (B-Dur / B flat major)
VI. Trio (d-Moll / D minor)
Josef Gabriel Rheinberger: Vier frühe Orgelstücke / Four early Pieces
(1858) (Erstveröffentlichung / First Publication):
Vor dem Evangelium / Before the Gospel
I. Langsam / Slow
II. Moderato
III. Langsam / Slow
Nach dem Ite missa est / After the Ite missa est
Josef Renner (junior: 1868-1934): Zwölf Trios für Orgel op. 39 /
Twelve Trios for Organ op. 39:
I. Moderato (C-Dur / C major)
II. Allegretto (G-Dur / G major)
III. Andante (d-Moll / D minor)
IV. Canon. Moderato (D-Dur / D major)
V. Andante (B-Dur / B flat major)
VI. Allegretto (Es-Dur / E flat major)
VII. Adagio (a-Mo

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