Various Composers - Organ and Keyboard Music of the Imperial Court Chapel Vienna



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Organ and Keyboard Music of the Imperial Court Chapel Vienna, 1500-1700    
Collection of First Editions
Instrumentation: Organ/ Harpsichord/ Piano

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* Bärenreiter - Neuerscheinungen 1/2006 – Noten (engl
Austria’s imperial court chapel was active far beyond the confines of Vienna. It developed a rich musical tradition of its own, with composers of the stature of Heinrich Isaac, Jacob Hassler, Johann Jacob Froberger, and Johann Heinrich Schmelzer.
This volume consists entirely of première publications from the œuvre of composers working at the imperial court during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, including the complete keyboard output of Giovanni Valentini and Johann Heinrich Schmelzer and a Toccata 2 di toni in g (FbWV 130) by Johann Jacob Froberger. Altogether it contains twenty-two compositions with a detailed preface, many facsimiles, and a critical commentary. The pieces range from easy to moderately difficult and are equally suitable for use in church services or concert performance.
- Easy to moderately difficult organ music for church or concert use
- Previously unpublished music from the heyday of Austria’s imperial court chapel
- Contains the première publication of a piece by Froberger
With works by
- Heinrich Isaac (c. 1450 – 1517)
- Ioannes Buchner (1483 – 1538)
- Thomas Bodenstein (c. 1600)
- Jacob Haßler (1569 – 1622)
- Christoph Strauß (c. 1575 – 1631)
- Giovanni Valentini (1582/83 – 1649)
- Johann Jacob Froberger (1616 – 1667)
- Carlo Simonelli (c. 1617 – 1653)
- Johann Heinrich Schmelzer (c. 1620 – 1680)
- Ferdinand Tobias Richter (c. 1649 – 1711)
- Domenico Alberizi (c. 1700)
Award for Siegbert Rampe
In 2005 the harpsichordist, conductor, and editor  Siegbert Rampe won his second ”Echo Classic Prize” for a recording with his own ensemble, Nova Stravaganza.
“… remarkable music, often hitherto unknown, but richly deserving of our attention”
(The Consort, summer 2007)
“This volume, of so many new pieces, is highly recommended.”
(BIOS Journal Vol. 31, 2007)

Additional Information:

Heinrich Isaac: In pace in idipsum
Ioannes Buchner: Expecta ung pauca
Thomas Bodenstein: Conzon, Ballet
Jacob Haßler: Fantasia Noni toni
Christoph Strauß: Conzon
Givanni Valentini: 7 Conzoni
Johann Jacob Froberger: Toccata
Carlo Ferdinando Simonelli: Toccata
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: 3 Partiten
Ferdinand Tobias Richter: 2 Partiten
Kritischer Bericht

Organ & Keyboard Music Imperial Court

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