Various Composers - Organ and Keyboard Music at the Salzburg Court 1500-1800.



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Organ and Keyboard Music at the Salzburg Court 1500-1800    
Instrumentation: Organ/ Harpsichord

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* Organ and Clavier Music from the Salzburg Court 1500–1800

Until its dissolution in 1803, the Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg
had a rich musical tradition
centered on composers of the stature of Paul Hofhaimer, Heinrich
Ignaz Franz von Biber,
Georg Muffat, Leopold Mozart, Michael Haydn, and of course Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart.

Our edition contains organ and clavier music by composers active at
the Salzburg court from
the early 16th century to the end of the archbishopric in 1803.
Siegbert Rampe has chosen
valuable and technically not too demanding pieces, mostly from
previously unpublished sources,
that can be used in church services or concert performances. The
works are notated on
two or three staves so that there is material galore for the
harpsichord or positive organ.

- Easy to moderately difficult organ music for church or concert

- Valuable compositions from the heyday of the Salzburg court

- Mostly first publications, edited by Siegbert Rampe

Works by

- Paul Hofhaimer

- Liberalis Zangius

- Johann Feldmayr

- Johann Stadlmayer

- Carl von der Hoven

- Steffano Bernardi

- Georg Muffat

- Johann Ernst Eberlin

- Leopold Mozart

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

- Johann Michael Haydn

“…remarkable music, often hitherto unknown, but richly deserving of
our attention.“

(The Consort, Summer 2007)

Additional Information:

Paul Hofhaimer (1459-1537): Was ich dvrch Glvck in G, Min Aingis in F
Liberalis Zangius (1570-nach 1621): Conzon in a, Conzon in C
Johann Feldmair (ca. 1600): Mgnificat a Voci in D
Johann Stadlmayr (ca. 1575-1648): Conzon in a
Carl von der Hoven (1580-1661): Tocata primi toni in d, Tocata secundi
toni in g, Ricercar 3 toni in a, Alia Fuga in e, Fantasia in a
Steffano Bernardi (ca. 1585-1636): Sonata Quarta in G, Sonata Quinta
in g
Georg Muffat (1653-1704): Toccata prima in d
Franz Xaver Neumüller (1702-1726): Parthia Ex B
Johann Ernst Eberlin (1702-1762): Sonata in A
Leopold Mozart (1719-1787): Sonata in B
Wolfgang Amade Mozart (1756-1791): Fuga in g KV 401, 2 Versus in G & D
KV 154a, Fuga in G KV Anh. 41
Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806): Cadenzen und Versetten in den 8

Organ & Keyboard Music at Salzburg Court

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