Various Composers - German Organ and Keyboard Music of the 17th Century.



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German Organ and Keyboard Music of the 17th Century, Vol. II    
Collection of First Editions
Instrumentation: Organ/ Harpsichord/ Piano

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* German Organ and Keyboard Music of the 17th Century

Siegbert Rampe’s recently finished two-volume edition takes us back
to the early 17th century
to discover a wealth of valuable keyboard compositions.

The second volume, like the first, consists entirely of first
publications, this time of pieces by
Buttstedt, Erbach, Kindermann, Philips, Christoph Walter and others.
With their remarkable
contrapuntal intricacy and formal mastery, these pieces invite
harpsichord players and
organists to diversify their recitals. Sometimes the reader is
offered a glimpse of incalculable
educational value into previously unknown organ specifications. Our
scholarly-critical edition is
rigorously based on the surviving source material and contains a
critical report, a catalogue
of sources, and a detail preface with sections devoted to
ornamentation, editorial technique
and performance practice.

- First publication of previously unknown works

- Detailed preface (German/English)

- Scholarly-critical performance edition

Contents: Works by

- Vincenzo Alberici

- Hieronymus Brehme

- Johann Heinrich Buttstedt

- Christian Erbach

- Johann Erasmus Kindermann

- Peter Philips

- Johann Heinrich Schmelzer

- Nicolaus Adam Strunck

- Christoph Walter

- Bartholomäus Weisthoma


Additional Information:

Anonymus: Praeludium
Anonymus: Trompet in d
Anonymus: Cornet in d
Anonymus: Praeludium in g
Anonymus: Fantasia in g
Anonymus: Tocata in F
Anonymus: Fantasia in F
Hieronimus Brehme: Paduann in C
Johann Heinrich Buttstaedt: Gelobet seystu Jesu Christ
Johann Heinrich Buttstaest: Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
Peeter Cornet: Fantasia in e
Peeter Cornett: Den Lustelyiken may in G
Christian Erbach: Conzon in E
Caspar Haßler: Fantasia in C
Christian Herbig: Canzon Vater unser im Himmelreich in d
Christian Herbig: Canzon Wir glauben all an einen Gott in d
Christian Herbig: Canzon supra Nun kom der Heyden Heyland in g
Christian Herbig: Canzon supra Christ lag in todes banden in d
Johann Erasmus Kindermann: Toccata in C
Johann Erasmus Kindermann: Toccata ex G
Matthias Kinigl: Toccata in C
Johann Kuhnau: Praeludium in d
Samuel Michaelis: Toccata ex F
Marcus Olter: Canzon in f
Peter Philips: Almande damor in g
Peter Philips: Che fa in d
Peter Philips: Den lustelijken mei in G
Peter Philips: Liquide perle amor in G
Peter Philips: Madrigal Horatio Vechi se desio de fugir in d
Anonymus & David Schädlich: Partita in C
Nicolaus Adam Strunck: Capriccio in d
Nicolaus Adam Strungk: Ricercar in G
Christoph Walter: Fantasia in d
Christoph Walter: Fantasia in d
Christoph Walter: Fantasia in g
Christoph Walter: Fantasia in a
Christoph Walter: Fantasia in F
Bartholomäus Weisthoma: Toccata in d
Bartholomäus Weisthoma: Toccata in C
Melchior Woltmann: Von Gott will ich nicht lassen
Kritischer Bericht


German Organ & Keyboard Music Bk 2

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