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Jazz Saxophone Etudes by Greg Fishman



VARIOUS - Alto Saxophone Music Minus One Book and CD

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This superb new set of etudes fills a major gap in the musical resources for the aspiring jazz saxophonist . Master player Greg Fishman demonstrates the concepts of soloing to those students who know their chords and scales but lack the musical vocabulary to create professional-level solos. These twelve jazz etudes are enjoyable to play, yet present some technical challenges. But most importantly this album will allow you to play through the chord changes in a musical manner while clearly expressing the songs harmonic structure. The etudes are based on familiar chord progressions, including blues, rhythm changes, and a variety of common standard 32-bar song forms.

This unique and terrifically rewarding album will become part of you complete practice regimen!

THIS IS REALLY A GREAT BOOK! A powerful sight-reading, ear-training, swinging, improvising jazz tool. Perfect for the student of jazz. Wish I had it when I was growing up. Glad I have it now. --Michael Brecker

This is one of the most concise and easy to digest collections of solos over standard tune chord changes that I have seen. All the elements of good voice leading, passing notes and common scale usage are here. Very enjoyable! --Dave Liebman

I wish I had material like this when I was coming up. These etudes are little masterpieces. There is such a wealth of material to learn from here. Great line construction and great conceptual ideas. Having the rhythm section continue after the etude is a great idea! I will be using these with virtually all my students from now on. Greg Fishman has done a terrific job of putting this book together, and the play-along rhythm section is first class!--Mark Colby, Depaul University, Elmhurst College

This book is a written version of the way jazz is supposed to be taught--learning from a great player who truly understands how to distill the language into clear, understandable terms. Chicago-based saxophonist Greg Fishman has composed a set of etudes based on standard tunes that are one of the best collections of this type Ive seen. The lines he composes are textbook versions of post-bop saxophone improvising, and will give students at all levels a wealth of material to practice and internalize. Fishman is equally well-versed as a teacher and as a saxophonist--its a rare combination that is showcased in this book. --David Demsey, William Paterson University, Saxophone Journal

Each etude demonstrates the use of:

•:Theme and development, including use of sequence.
•:Syntax –:–: the order in which musical events occur.
•:Voice-leading –:–: the smooth connection of chords by moving no more than a whole step.
•: Phrasing –:–: a wide variety of starting and ending points.
•:Eighth-note lines –:–: the use of long streams of eighth notes, sometimes in the &ldquo:change-running&rdquo: style.
•:Idiomatic Construction –:–: these etudes were written for saxophone, and use patterns, scales and intervals common to the jazz saxophone lexicon.
•:Chord Changes –:–: try to hear the chords in your head while playing these lines.

Book includes 12 Etudes and 2 CDs--an Alto Sax and Tenor Sax version, with each etude played by Greg Fishman, plus extra rhythm section tracks for extended blowing. Also includes: theory and analysis, detailed practice guide for intermediate, advanced and pro-level players. 48 pages, 8.5 x 11 format.

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