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Teachers Partner: Basic Clarinet Studies for the Beginner



VARIOUS - Clarinet in B-flat Music Minus One Book and CD

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MediaBook & CD
Solo InstrumentClarinet in B-flat

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Scales in varied articulations, solos and duets with piano accompaniment. Covers first year of study and can be used with any method book. It addresses problems of pitch, rhythm, tone and articulation, presenting a professional model.
Includes a high-quality printed music book: and a compact disc containing examples and accompaniments for each piece.


  • 1) B-Flat Clarinet Tuning Instructions
  • 2) G-major scale (whole notes: then quarter notes: then half notes)
  • 3) L. Gordon- Solo in G major
  • 4) L. Gordon- Perky Piggies (duet in G major)
  • 5) F-major scale (dotted half notes: then quarter notes: then half notes followed by quarter notes)
  • 6) L. Gordon- Dream Waltz (solo in F major)
  • 7) L. Gordon- Two in Three (duet in F major)
  • 8) A-major scale (half notes: then quarter-note/quarter-rest alternations: then eighth notes)
  • 9) L. Gordon- March of the Toys (solo in A major)
  • 10) L. Gordon- Graceful Partners (duet in A major)
  • 11) B-flat major scale (half, quarter and two eighth notes: then a quarter followed by two eighths: then a dotted quarter followed by an eighth)
  • 12) L. Gordon- Romance (solo in B-flat major)
  • 13) L. Gordon- Canon in B-flat major
  • 14) C-major scale (whole notes: then sixteenth notes)
  • 15) L. Gordon- Banjo Song (solo in C major)
  • 16) L. Gordon- Igorcentric (duet in C major)
  • 17) D-major scale (dotted whole notes: then quarter-sixteenth note combinations)
  • 18) L. Gordon- Peaceful Scene (duet in D major)
  • 19) Scale Cycle (6 scales)
  • 20) L. Gordon- Blueper (duet in B minor)
  • 21) L. Gordon- Graduation Piece for B-flat clarinet

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