Scenes at a Farm (Dutch Ed.) - Carroll, Walter



The master composer of piano music for children, Walter Carroll's popularity in the Netherlands in particular prompted demand for this special Dutch edition of Scenes at a Farm. Suggested grade 0-1.

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Brilliant childrens composer Walter Carroll was the master of writing pieces for the beginner that are superbly musical in spite of their simplicity. This classic album, the first in the Carroll series, is a collection of twenty pieces (including 4 duets) inspired by H Lang Jones that has featured on exam syllabi and at music festivals around the world. His popularity in the Netherlands in particular prompted demand for this special Dutch edition of Scenes at a Farm. Suggested grade 0-1.


    1. The Farmhouse - De Boerderij
    2. The Jolly Farmer - De Vrolijke Boer
    3. In The Quiet Wood - In Het Stille Bos
    4. The Milkmaid's Song - Het Melkmeisje
    5. A Morning Ride - Een Ochtendritje
    6. The Robins - De Roodborstjes
    7. On The Lake - Op Het Meer
    8. Girls' Flower Dance - Bloemendans
    9. The Squirrel - Het Eekhoorntje
    10. The Lost Lamb - Het Verdwaalde Lammetje
    11. Going To The Hayfield - Naar Het Hooiland
    12. The Cuckoo - De Koekoek
    13. The Little Brook - Het Beekje
    14. May-Day Dance - Meidans
    15. Tossing The Hay - Hooien
    16. Now All Is Sleeping - Avond
    17. The March Of The Farmers Men (Duet) - Mars Van De Boeren
    18. The Dance Of The Shepherd Girls (Duet) - ~Dans Van De Herderinnetjes
    19. The Lonely Shepherd (Duet) - De Eenzame Herder
    20. Round The Maypole (Duet) - Om de Meiboom
  • Customer Reviews

    Customer RatingI learned form this book in the '50s and my mother and grandmother before me. I am a piano teacher, and sometimes forget what a wonderful little collection of pieces it is: characterful, nostalgic, and appeals to today's child just as much as tunes with pieces about mobile phones and moon landing! Ideal for pre-Grade 1.
    Customer RatingI have used this book as a second book for beginners for over 40 years. It is simplistic in its approach, seeking to hone the skills of the beginner. Walter Carrol was an expert in this field. The music contains expression marks, and the rhythms used are simple. However, the music is melodious and presents a challenge to the beginner. The skills developed are progressively more demanding. The duets at the end of the book are great fun, and yet present new skills for the young child. The verses are great fun to sing along to the music!

    Customer RatingI bought this book for a young friend who is just starting the piano because it was my first book 40 years ago. I was delighted and charmed that the music was still so suitable and tuneful, with different lessons that can be drawn out in each peice. The verse to sing is helpful for many children, and the duets at the end are great.
    Customer RatingPerfect

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