Johnson-Manning, Sasha - Birthday Garland



Forsyth is delighted to publish this superb suite for descant recorder and piano. It features easy to intermediate standard, composed by one of the rising stars of the British musical scene and composer of the acclaimed Manchester Carols. 

Set on Grades 3 (Asleep on a Boat), 4 (The Pipe and Drum) & 5 (A Dance) of the ABRSM Descant Recorder Exams from 2022-25.

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"The more I hear the recorder, the more I am struck by its versatility. It has a uniquely sonorous, woody sound which brings to mind a variety of characters and colours. This collection of pieces seeks to display a number of those qualities, ranging from a joyous rhythmic agility in ‘The Pipe and Drum’ and ‘A Dance’ to the reflective gentleness of ‘Reverie’ and ‘Asleep in a Boat’. ‘Cowboys with Lutes’ should exhibit a dash of wit throughout, and having a sad story in mind when playing ‘A Tale’ helps to bring out the darker tones of the instrument. I find that playing the recorder is very close to singing. There seems to be a much shorter distance between the mental and physical mechanics of actually making the note and the sound that is produced than with some other instruments, which is an advantage. I would suggest to the recorder player to think of ‘singing’ the melody in your head as you play, the phrases will be shaped and the resulting performance expressive."

Sasha Johnson Manning - Composer


  1. The Pipe and Drum

  2. Reverie

  3. Cowboys With Lutes

  4. Asleep on a Boat

  5. A Tale

  6. A Dance

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