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Funeral March of a Marionette - Gounod, Charles



Gounod, Charles - Double Bass

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This striking arrangement of this Gounod favourite sees the piece arranged for Double Bass and Piano by A. Wilson-Dickson. The music in the beginning tells the listener that two of the members of the Marionette troupe have had a duel and one of them has been killed. A party of pallbearers is organised and the procession sets out for the cemetery in march time. The music soon takes on a more cheerful spirit, for some of the troupe, wearied with the march, seek consolation at a wayside inn, where they refresh themselves and also descant upon the many virtues of their late companion. At last they get into place again and the procession enters the cemetery to the march rhythm -- the whole closing with the bars intended to reflect upon the briefness and weariness of life, even for marionettes.

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