Schubert F. - String Trios Complete (in B-flat D 471, in B-flat D 581 versions



String Trio - Study score

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Schubert, Franz    (1797-1828)

Complete String Trios    
for Violin, Viola and Violoncello
Series: Bärenreiter Studienpartituren - Study scores
Instrumentation: Violin, Viola, Violoncello

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* Franz Schubert

This study score of Franz Schubert’s complete string trios (violin,
viola and violoncello) takes
its text from the New Schubert Edition. It also includes Schubert’s
very first essay in the genre,
which only resurfaced in 1997: the draft trio in B-flat major, D
111A (1814). Besides this draft,
two other trios in B-flat major written a short while later have
come down to us: D 471 and
D 581. The first is likewise a fragment as it breaks off in m. 39 of
the second movement.
D 581 survives in two versions, the first based on the autograph
score, the second on a set of
parts prepared and thoroughly revised by Schubert. Both versions
provide useful performance
alternatives that differ widely in their form, rhythm, articulation
and dynamics.

- All of Schuberts string trios

- All drafts and alternative versions for the first time in a study

- Urtext from the New Schubert Edition 

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- Trio in B-flat major, D 471 (movement 1)

- Trio in B-flat major, D 581 (versions 1 and 2)

- Incomplete first movement to Trio in B-flat major, D 111A

- Incomplete second movement to Trio in B-flat major, D 471

Additional Information:

Trio in B D 471, Erster Satz
Trio in B D 581, Erste Fassung
Trio in B D 581, Zweite Fassung
Trio in B D 111A
Trio in B D 471, Zweiter Satz

String Trios Complete Study score

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