Haydn F.J. - Symphony No. 94 in G (Surprise) (Hob.I:94) (Urtext).



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Haydn, Joseph    (1732-1809)

Sinfonie Nr. 94 G major Hob. I:94
Mit dem Paukenschlag. Urtext der Haydn-Gesamtausgabe.
Urtext aus/from: Joseph Haydn Werke, G. Henle Verlag München
Instrumentation: 2 Flute, 2 Oboe, 2 Bassoon, 2 Horn, 2 Trumpet, Strings, Kettledrum

Reviews of this publication:

* Joseph Haydn

The new score and performance material to Haydn’s much performed
“Surprise” symphony
are based on the reliable Joseph Haydn Complete Edition.

The nickname “Surprise” stems from the Andante second movement where
a dynamic of ff with
timpani and brass in measure 16 contrasts with the p melody leading
up to it. One legend has it
that Haydn expressly asked the timpani player to use large sticks
and to strike the timpani
without reservation, which resulted in an elderly woman fainting
upon hearing the contrast.
A more realistic interpretation has Haydn only wanting to attempt
something new.

- Urtext of the Haydn Complete Edition

- Large format orchestral parts 25.5 x 32.5 cm

Symphony 94 Surprise Full score

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