Beethoven L. van - Symphony No.9 in D minor, Op.125 (Choral) (Urtext) (ed. Del Mar).



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Beethoven, Ludwig van    (1770-1827)

Symphony No. 9 with final chorus An die Freude D minor op. 125
Instrumentation: Soprano solo, Alto solo, Tenor solo, Bass solo, Mixed Choir-SATB, Piccolo, 2 Flute, 2 Oboe, 2 Clarinet (b flat), 2 Bassoon, Kfag, 4 Horn, 2 Trumpet, 3 Trombone, Kettledrum, Drums, Strings

Reviews of this publication:

* Ludwig van Beethoven

 “...a very impressive collection, more detailed than other
(Podium Notes, Summer 2001)

“The number of corrected errors ans scholarly opinions now makes it
possible to perform
these works and meet the most exacting standards.”

(Podium Notes, Winter 2000)

“Any conductor who has studied the variants and comments here is
likely to approach
the works more freshly, even if many will take Del Mar’s labours on
(Early Music Review, July 2000)

“... I can assure you he [Jonathan Del Mar] is an absolutely first
class musicologist, ...
I can think of no one better to edit the Beethoven symphonies ...
and the need for such
authentic editions is greater in Beethoven than in any other great
simply because for some reason no really scholarly, editions of
Beethoven’s works
have been attempted.” (Sir Charles Mackerras)

“So the main achievement of this edition is the removal of hundreds
of errors that crept into
the first edition and have been perpetuated, or have multiplied, in
subsequent editions.
And no one comparing Del Mar with any other edition of the Ninth can
fail to be struck by the
number of errors that have been identified and expunged.” (Musical

“It is high time that there was a reliable scholarly edition of
this, the most celebrated of
symphony cycles ... I think anyone who is at all serious about
interpreting Beethoven’s
symphonies will find they have totally new insights into the
workings of that extraordinary
mind”. (John Eliot Gardiner)

Symphony 9 Full Score

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