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Zippety Zappy Zee - Three Friends to Sing with Me



25 of Jan Dobbins' Singalong Songs for Children. Book & CD. Meet Zippety (a timid mouse who scurries around), Zappy (a zany zebra) and Zee (a busy, buzzy bee). Your three new friends' finger-puppets are available from the publisher (Starshine Music). Come with replicable colouring pages where kids can bring their pals to life.

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Zippety Zappy Zee

Hurrying Zippety

Zappy Zebra is My Name

Zee the Bee

I Know a Little Mouse

I Like the Weather

Driving My Tractor

Check Your Watch

I'm Cold

Whizz! Bang! Fizzy Crunch!

Splish! Splash! Stamp!

Zappy Mends the Roof

Feeling Hot

Rowing My Boat

Buzzy Bees


Bucket & Spade

Zappy is Jumping

Monkey Climbing

Little Blue Engine


Big Dog Little Dog

Marching Band

Bouncing on the Bed

Zippety Zappy Zee (Goodbye)

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