Grant, Robin - Mambo Merengue



For E Flat Alto Saxophone & Piano.

Set on Grades 4 & 5 of  the ABRSM Eb Sax Exams from 2014-17

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By: Robin Grant


Mambo Merengue provides an introduction to the world of jazz: its rhythms, harmony and melodic shapes. The pieces demonstrate a variety of jazz styles: latin, blues, bebop, modal, swing and modern. Mambo is believed to be a Haitian Creole word literally meaning to talk. Now mambo is a type of dance derived from the Cuban rumba. Consequently the word combines two of the most appealing aspects of jazz: musical conversation and physical movement.

... Mambo Merengue • A Hole in the Big Smoke • Inside Out • It Sticks! • Don’t Count on Me! • On The Line • Halfway House • Diminishing Returns

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