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Easy Duets, Volume 1    
Instrumentation: 2 Soprano recorder (c)

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* Easy Duets I

The musical connoisseur of the 18th century loved collections which
offered a variety of
delightful and charming new pieces in various instrumental
combinations for domestic music
making. These easy duets, written around 1740 and drawn from such a
collection, are
particularly well suited for beginners` ensemble playing and have
become a valued fund of
study and recital literature.

Additional Information:

1. Tanzlied / Dance Song
2. Tanzlied / Dance Song
3. Rigaudon
4. Gavotte
5. Menuett / Minuet
6. Tanzlied / Dance Song
7. Musette
8. Lied / Song
9. Fanfare
10. Menuett als Rondeau / Minuet as Rondeau
11. Musette als Rondeau / Musette as Rondeau
12. Tanzlied / Dance Song
13. Tamburin I
14. Tamburin II
15. Die Eigensinnigen / The Wilful Ones
16. Die Gegenspieler / The Opponents

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