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Davies, Philippa (editor) - Unbeaten Tracks (flute and piano)



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Unbeaten Tracks offers eight contemporary pieces for the flute and piano. The composers have created pieces which are fun to play as well as helping to develop new techniques. This aproachable set of pieces introduce contemporary sounds and styles in an interesting and playable way. The book also contains biopics for each composer where they explain their inspiration and give further insight into the music.


  • Carl Davis: Beatrix
  • Daryl Runswick: Blue Six
  • John Woolrich: A SadSong
  • Colin Matthews: Little Pavane
  • Christopher Gunning: Waltz ForAggie
  • David Matthews: Pieces Of Seven
  • Eddie McGuire: Caprice
  • Eddie Trainer: Outside Lines.

Unbeaten Tracks (flute and piano)

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