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Assessment in Music Education - Fautley, Martin



Education handbook - Oxford Music Education Series

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This book discusses assessment and its role in teaching and learning music in the classroom. For improving learning and raising standards, it puts the case for formative assessment, day-by-day, rather than summative assessment at the end of key stages. The advice is relevant to classroom and instrumental teachers, and the academic community.


  • 1. Introduction to assessment in music education
  • 2. Clarifying terminologies: uses and purposes of assessment
  • 3. Reliability and validity
  • 4. Evidencing achievement
  • 5. Learning and knowledge in classroom music
  • 6. Why assess?
  • 7. Progression, development, and assessment
  • 8. Quality, values, and the affective domain
  • 9. Developing appropriate criteria for assessment
  • 10. Developing classroom performing by the use of assessment
  • 11. Developing classroom composing through assessment
  • 12. Developing listening through assessment
  • 13. Developing classroom improvising by the use of assessment
  • 14. Assessment and ICT in music education
  • 15. The role of baseline assessment
  • 16. Putting it together: holistic approaches to learning and assessment in music
  • 17. The way forwards: new developments in assessment

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