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The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music



A contributory volume covering the history and current scene of electronic music.

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Edited by Nick Collins, Julio dEscrivan

Musicians are always quick to adopt and explore new technologies. The fast-paced changes wrought by electrification, from the microphone via the analogue synthesiser to the laptop computer, have led to a wide diversity of new musical styles and techniques. Electronic music has grown to a broad field of investigation, taking in historical movements such as musique concrète and elektronische musik, and contemporary trends such as electronic dance music and electronica. A fascinating array of composers and inventors have contributed to a diverse set of technologies, practices and music. This book brings together some novel threads through this scene, from the viewpoint of researchers at the forefront of the sonic explorations empowered by electronic technology. The chapters provide accessible and insightful overviews of core topic areas and uncover some hitherto less publicised corners of worldwide movements. Recent areas of intense activity such as audiovisuals, live electronic music, interactivity and network music are actively promoted.

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  • Chronology
  • Introduction Nick Collins and Julio dEscriván
  • Part I. Electronic Music in Context: 1. The origins of electronic music Andrew Hugill
  • 2. Electronic music and the studio Margaret Schedel
  • 3. Live electronic music Nicolas Collins
  • 4. A history of programming and music Ge Wang
  • Artists Statements I: Laurie Spiegel
  • Yasunao Tone
  • John Oswald
  • Mathias Gmachl (Farmers Manual)
  • Erdem Helvacioglu
  • Pauline Oliveros
  • Chris Jeffs
  • Rodrigo Sigal
  • Mira Calix
  • Denis Smalley
  • Seong-Ah Shin
  • Carsten Nicolai
  • Warren Burt
  • Max Mathews
  • Part II. Electronic Music in Practice: 5. Interactivity and live computer music Sergi Jordà
  • 6. Algorithmic composition Karlheinz Essl
  • 7. Live audiovisuals Amy Alexander and Nick Collins
  • 8. Network music Julian Rohrhuber
  • 9. Electronic music and the moving image Julio dEscriván
  • 10. Musical robots and listening machines Nick Collins
  • Artists Statements II: Kevin Saunderson
  • Kanta Horio
  • Donna Hewitt
  • Alejandro Vinao
  • Bubblyfish
  • Barry Truax
  • Lukas Ligeti (Burkina Electric)
  • Christina Kubisch
  • Murat Ertel
  • Adina Izarra
  • Cybork
  • Francis Dhomont
  • David Behrmann
  • Kevin Blechdom (Kristin Erickson)
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen
  • George E. Lewis
  • Part III. Analysis and Synthesis: 11. Computer generation and manipulation of sounds Stefania Serafin
  • 12. The psychology of electronic music Petri Toiviainen
  • 13. Trends in electroacoustic composition Natasha Barrett
  • Bibliography.

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