Scales for Obsessives by Iain Dixon
  • Scales for Obsessives by Iain Dixon

Scales for Obsessives by Iain Dixon

Catalogue No: am107-01

A new approach that relates scales to chord symbols in a clear, logical way for today's improvising musician.


'Scales for Obsessives' seeks to answer the question: 'What scale can I play over this chord?'


Each scale is played together with a basic four note chord. The chord is obtained by taking the root, third, fifth and seventh of each scale. By doing this we create a connection between the scale and the chord. In this way the scale is no longer perceived in isolation, it now exists in a context - that context is the sound of the chord and its chord symbol.


This book will help you to understand:


  • which scale fits which chord
  • which chords live within each scale
  • how a single scale can be used over a number of different chords
  • how a number of different scales can be used over a single chord


This book can be of benefit to improvisers at all levels.



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