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Yanagisawa Tenor Sax TWO1



  • Very reliable and highly respected maker of professional-level saxophones
  • Lots of new features designed to make playing easier, such as the additional feet under the right side key levers, and the new angle of the right pinky key
  • Very fast response and playability
  • Incredible, clean and direct tone thanks to the redesigned bore

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What we say

Combining reliability and innovative design, the TWO1 caters to all players, from beginners wanting to play on a top level instrument to gigging professionals. There are so many innovative features here it's easy to think they've redesigned the saxophone, but all the tweaks are sensible and helpful additions to make playing the saxophone that bit smoother and more enjoyable. For example, they've changed the angle of the right pinky key to make it more accessible, and the octave switch is nice and smooth thanks to a teflon coating of the necessary parts. They've even tweaked neck, putting in an additional neck plate to really focus the tone.

If you're looking to upgrade your tenor, or want to start on something that will take you right through from first notes to high profle gigs, then this sax could be for you.

What they say

TW01 - Professional Model. The upgraded replacement for the legendary T901 series, this TWO1 brass model is suited just as well to aspiring beginners as to experienced professionals. It has a strong tonal core thanks to a re-engineered bore and toneholes, plus many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as newly designed Front F Keys, Ride Side Keys and Right Pinky Key.


Key: Bb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Brass
Bow: Brass
Bell: Brass
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Brass
Neck Type: Detachable Neck
Case: Fabric Covered, Woodshell case with outer pocket and Backstraps

Engraving: Hand engraved

Octave system: Teflon-coated for smooth action

Keys: Indented white shell keys for better grip in fast passages

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