Trevor James Soprano Sax Horn 88



An intermediate level soprano saxophone with a punchy and powerful tone. Based on the original Horn design from 1988 with a champagne gold frost finish.

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If you're seeking a soprano saxophone that looks the bee's knees then look no further. With its soft, ethereal, frosted finish and high quality production, this saxophone's elegant appearance belies its power and sass. 

What they say

The one piece TJ Horn '88 soprano is a free blowing horn.  Combined with the 'Champagne' gold frost finishing,it not only looks good, it sounds wonderful as well!

'Champagne' gold frost finish

The finish is a water based coating which when baked becomes very hard. 

Gun rifled crook

The inside of the crook tenon has gun rifling to enhance the air flow and tonal dynamics. This is a big sounding horn!

Octave key crook badge

Proudly sporting the Union Jack flag overlaid with TJ logo.


Smokey grey Pearl touchpieces.


Moulded hard case


Model: Horn 88
Key: Bb
Material: Brass
Keywork: Smokey grey Mother of Pearl
Mechanism: Full Keywork
Finish: Champagne
Mouthpiece: Trevor James
Lyre Box: Yes

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